Monday, November 9, 2009

Just For everyone

okie off late i have not much to blog about . so here is a post  to thank everyone who has palyed a major part in my life.....
all at random tough
Mum : just the fact of ur existence i know that unconditional love and support exists for me in this world even tough it takes me a coupla days to clean my room and the such.
Dad:i love the advice you give on any and every issue . and the way u still let me mess up ur hair once u get back from work
Pranav- my baby bro. the fact that u make me realise that like isnt as perfect and idealistic as projected outside.
Dinesh Bhaiya- i really aspire to be an ocean of calmness that you are. and the the way you inspire me to carry on when a tsunami has struck me a stough nothing great has happened.
Bawa- there is no logical genetical explanation for the phenomenon i call Bau . the practical wisdom,witty humour and of course  indias finest vegan chef.
Master- thank you for always being there and being a guiding force in my life.
Ranjit anna- one of the most awesome people ever. can ask any question from music to astrology he will always have some answers.
Badeppa(paternal grandpa)-i remeber going for long endless trips to nirulas in delhi to eat at the salad bar and eat numerious scoops of hot chocolate fudge.thank you for tolerating my madness
Maternal Grandparents- the number of times i have lost my temper over stupid issues from less salt in tamatr ki kadhi to not having my clothes ironed properly-thank you for the madness again
Abhishek, Madhuri, Spandan, Sampath , Amrita, Anju, Bhairavi, Arvind,Gaurav, Vishal, Mrigank, Ritika, Shalini,MS. Anjana Mani- the fact that all of you are always just there 24/7 whenever we need you
Sheeena and Sunil- 23 years of my life and you've known me for all 23 . thank you for always being my friends and seeing me thru thick and thin all the time .
Chris,Korin, Meggan Brummer, Gayatri and atul, preet,clare,kavitha-thank you for making me feel like one of'em in aussie .
Varnit,leisha,arun,vandana,rohan,sehar, nilufer,priyanka ,neha- for seeing me thru those maddening teenage years - we were going thru the same nonsense together.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Here is a basic recipe:2 bunches of fresh parsley (1 1/2 cup chopped, with stems discarded)2 tablespoons of fresh mint, chopped,1 medium onion, finely chopped,6 medium tomatoes, diced1 tablespoon salt1/2 teaspoon black pepper1/2 cup bulghur or daliya  , medium grade6 tablespoons lemon juice6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.its an easy to make middle eastern salad or a med salad but quik to make and those are the ingredients required.
first soak the dliya in luke warm water for approx 10 mins then drain out , soak in fridge cold watre for another 5-7 mins ,drain put the daliya in a muslin cloth and squeeze out the water. next coarsely chop the mint and parsely,chop the tomatoes and the onions.
now in a plate separate the grains of daliya and  put in 2  a  serving bowl, add parsely, onions, mint tomatoes, sprinkle the olive oil(i use cold pressed extra virgin or it tastes good even with canola oil),lime juice, salt and pepper  and toss well.
Refrigerate for about 2 hours before serving . Tasted quite good. I made it on a sunny afternoon when i wasnt in the mood 2 cook make the serving bowl look nice one can use lettuce leaves to line the bowl and then add the salad in.Tastes good with pitta bread(ill putup that recipe soon just ahve 2 get pics) or whole wheat bread which is slightly toasted and sorry i  havent been able 2 upload the pics will do it once i can access my own system which has crashed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Festival of Lights- Diwali

It is the festive season in India and as per the Hindu Calender, Diwali or the vedic new year is just around the corner- to be celebrated on the 17th of october. Diwali has many stories and signifies different aspects in different parts of india.
As per Hindu calendar, the five day festival of Diwali is centered on the new moon day that ends the month of Ashwin and begins the month of Kartika, beginning on the 13th day of the dark half of Ashwin (Ashwin 28th) and ending on the 2nd day of the bright half of Kartika (Kartika 2nd). The main day of celebration varies regionally- in south diwali is celebrated one day earlier -this is called chotti diwali in the punjab and the rest of north india. Basically, on this day , the homecoming of Ram from exile is celebrated with great pomp and crcakers are burnt. On this day, Lakshmi and Ganesha poojan is done - to bring wealth and prosperity in to the house.
Diwali isnt only celebrated by the Hindus in Inidia but today has become a global phenomenon thanks to globalisation.
In Jainism, Diwalli marks the attainment of nirvana by Mahavira on 15 October, 527 BC.
Deepavali has been significant in Sikhism since the illumination of the town of Amritsar commemorating the return of Guru Har Gobind Ji (1595-1644), the sixth Guru of Sikhism, who was imprisoned along with 52 other Hindu kings at Fort Gwalior by Emperor Jahangir. After freeing the other prisoners, he went to the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) in the holy city of Amritsar, where he was welcomed happily by the people who lit candles and divas to greet the Guru. Because of this, Sikhs often refer to Diwali also as Bandi Chhorh Divas - "the day of release of detainees.
The festival is also celebrated by Buddhists in Nepal, a majority-Hindu country, particularly the Newar Buddhists.
In India and Nepal,Diwali is now considered to be a national festival, and the aesthetic aspect of the festival is enjoyed by most Indians and Nepalese regardless of faith. Kerala is the only state in India where Deepavali is not a big celeberation.
Kidha is celebrated for a differing number of days by different communities. Though the core days are common and fall on exactly the same set of days across Nepal and India, they fall in different Gregorian months depending on the version of the Hindu calendar being used in the region. The Amanta ("ending on the new-moon") version of the Hindu Calendar has been adopted as the Indian national calendar. According to this calendar, which is prevalent in southern India and Maharashtra, the 6-day celebration is spread over the last four days of the month of Ashwina and the first two days of the new month of Kartika. According to the Purnimaanta ("ending on the full-moon") version prevalent in northern India, it falls in the middle of the month of Ashwayuja/Ashvin. In the Gregorian calendar, it falls generally in the months of October or November. In Nepal, it is celebrated according to Nepalese calendar. The festival marks the last three days and the first two days of Nepalese era.
On the day of Deepavali / Deepavali, many wear new clothes and share sweets and snacks. Some North Indian business communities start their financial year on Deepavali and new account books are opened on this day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A refreshingly refreshing Drink

okie so its the ingredients that make this drink an absolute delight- a version of the desi adrak-pudina shikanjvi but with a modern twist to it.
i will put up th epics in a few days as im having a problem with my net conection here.
so here goes:
for the ingredients:
a few leaves of fresh pudina (mint) ( i used approx 5-7 as i like it a  bit mild)
freshly grated ginger - about 1/2 to 1 tsp (depending on how strong you want the ginger flavour)
sugar or jaggery-about 2 tsps of sugar, i used fructose a healthy low cal sugar alternative ..
juice of  1/2 a lemon
a pinch of black salt( optional)
okie so now in a stone/steel mortar and pestle grindle the mint leaves into a paste- this brings out the amazing mint oil(incase you dont want to continue making the drink after this, the mint oil is an excellent remedy for joint pains when heated with olive oil or an excellent remedy for acidity-mix the mint oil and a little bit of the paste in watre and boil until warm and drink it up)
then add the freshly grated ot finely chopped ginger(for this recipe finely chopped is better)to the mint and grind some more,
then add the sugar and grind again for about 1 min approx.
Add this to a serving glass,then add the lemon juice - i love lemon juice so i used half a lemon but one can use less if preffered-the lemon basically balances out the flavours and acids when soda is used- yes the twist in the drink is soda- so after this adda pinch of black salt if desired and then add chilled soda and voila - a modern twist of the traditional desi pudina - adrak shikanjvi is ready.
the recipe takes about 5 mins approx and it actually isnt a stedious as i make it sound here but then ive even engligtened on the effects of pudina ka taila and what the use of lemon in the drink is etc, etc.
This drink is exceptional when served mid afternoon on a hot  summers day or even after a hearty meal- be it lunch or dinner- it has ingredients which aid digestion.Hope you all like this and od leave your comments.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A new Layout or Template- Suggestions Please

okie so am a bit bored with the existing layout and template of my blog. So am open to suggestions as to what kind of colours and layout i can have now. Also, what more would the redaers of the blog like in terms of content?
stuff about my life ever since i got back from sydney my opinions on everything and anything , recipes and restraunt reviews,stuff about spirituality and related things, or anything else?leave your comments and do lemme know....

Friday, September 18, 2009

BBMP at Fault or parental negligence?

For the last two days , Karnataka's new and popular local english news channel News 9 has been running stories about an 18 month ols boy Vijay , who was washed away in a storm watre drain.
Many of the press people and bangalores high elite intellectuals feel that having an uncovered drain in the backyards of of one of Bengaluru's poshest and busiest suburbh i.e Koramangala, is all the fault of the BBMP and also negilienge of the BBMP.
OOk, i agree that the state of infrastructure in this city is quite appalling when compared to say Delhi . But what about Vijay's parents who couldn't use their common sense and stop their child from playing in the heavy rain and near an uncovered drain?are they not to be blamed equally or as much as the civic authorities of BBMP? In bfact it has been the civic authorities who have been conducting the search for the body in different lakes for the last two days. Okie so what? Children have fallen into wells in NCR region, Punjab and Haryana and other cities but how much has the state media or national media blamed the civic authorities for negligence?It in fact, in my humble opinion is a sheer waste of media airtime where they were called BBMP "sick" and running a campaign to send "Get Well Soon Roses" to the BBmp. How ridiculous to run the story for 48 hrs. non stop when they were more pressing matters of state and national importance for the channel to cover. Ok so isnce this is a blog and im entitled to air my views,here is what i feel: yes its the fault of bbmp partially - yes the lack of covered drainage and other civic amenities and proper garbage dispensing systems but this is only 40 to 50% of the faults. The rest is the fault of or negiligence on part of the parents as well.
As for issues like cleanliness well all the citizens of bangalore are also at fault. As far as covered drainage is concernedyes i think it is a must - even 5000 yrs ago the Indus Valley people were more civilised than us - atleast they had a proper grabage collection system and covered drainage. In the face of modernisation and globalisation , are the citizens of India and especially the citizens of Bangalore retrograding? For, i think that it only when the citizen scome together or support the civic bodies like bbmp can the civic bodies take action. For example, 2 years ago, the bbmp started waste segregation for recycling plastic in whitefield and koramngala. The experiment flopped in whitefield. Why? residents thought throwing plastic waste and paper paste in seperate bins was too much of a hassel. But considering that whitefield is a locality where many Nri's live, it would have been easier because in the western nations garbage segregation is a must but why? their logic was that the local authorities didnt supply them with bins - that imho is nonsens- it worked and is still wokring in koramangala- the reason being the citizens of koramngala wanted to make a difference . So all am saying is it is in the attitude of citizens that can make all the difference. The drain in koramangala could have been covered but for some residents who oppose it. I hope now that the people opposing the covering of the drain( its been on blueprint for 5 yrs) suport the endeavours ofbbmp insted of opposing it. I seriously do hope they wake up now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A short Update

okie so ive taken the semester off because of the racism issue and other reasons.what ive been doing:
just got back frm delhi and had a bad back so got an amazing session of cranio sacral therapy yesterday.
Watched love aaj kal- yup its watchable especially for the hep looks of saif and teh aahun aahun song and the punju twist to it.
catching up on my sleep..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A unique Gurubani Satsang in Bangalore......

So, it was the 19th of June, a friday evening and quite a pleasant one at that in bangalore city but i had other plans being from Punjab and a punju kudi at heart , i was craving for some kara parsad and gurubani as i couldnt make it to amritsar during these holidays. So , i headed to kanakpura road,H.H Sri Sri Ravishankarji's ashram for a Gurubani kirtan. It was beyond amazing..mesmerising. It all started with the traditionally served langar khana with maa ki kali dal, gobi, chawal , kara parsad. Then to the Vishalakshi Mandap the main meditation hall( which is in the pic) which was decorated with a floral Ek Onkar. It all started with a normal satsang sung by Richa Chopra and then a small talk on the Granth Sahib by teh Granthiji and Gyaniji of the Gurudwara in Bangalore aand they proceed to sing the ardas and shabads with explanations the posts which follow will complete the series.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Pain and Suffering

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tzatziki Dip

Hmm Tzatziki is a greek style cucumber dip which is oh so simple ( preperation time about 10 mins + extra for draining out yoghurt) with delightful flavours and of course cucumbers.
Here is what is needed :
500g (2 cups) yoghurt
1 cucumber , peeled, halved, seeded and coasely or finely chopped or grated.
2-3 medium or 1-2 large garlic clove depending on how garlicy you want it to taste , crushed
1 tbs finely chopped fresh chives (optional tough just adds taste and flavour)
2 tbs olive oil
1 1/2 tbs fresh lemon juice
Salt, to taste,1 tsp ground cumin
Freshly ground black pepper .
Method:Start with hanging the curds in a muslin cloth or hanky, refer the link below on how to do this . it is simple and easy on this blog.
then coarsely cut or grate the cucumber( if yoou grate it then just squeeze it a bit to remeove the excess water/ juice that comes out frm grated cucumber and discard the juice )
then combine all the ingredients starting with the hung yoghurt with olive oil and using a fork / spoon to mix it well . And add the spices and garlic and cucumber and mix well. Cover and keep in the fridge for a couple of hours so that the yoghurt absorbs the flavours . To make it absolutely delicious make it in the evening and keep it in the fridge overnight . Serve with toasted bread , as dip with weggies or even with rige, its a kind of khera raita which could taste good with rice as well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

An amazing Kitan and Must Watch

this kirtan is really amazing really strikes a chord whether u believe in the philosophies of sikhism or not its a must watch. Also has an english translation . Ans=d also tells the story of Guru Gobind Singhji in the intro before the kirtan. Do watch it and leave your valuable comment

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

25 random things you did not know about me

Here goes. these are probably some hard to face facts for some people and some were even for me when i sat down and introspected.
1. I am an early morning person usually, if it demand i can also pull allnighters when needed.
2. I dont drink coffee - tough i used to be able to have double espresso shots at least thrice a day until a few years ago.
3. I am and always be a milk baby - i can have milk and milk products anytime of the day/week/month/year, summer or winter.
4.Pink is not my favourite colour. It just happens to be white which is classical and fashionable at all times.
5. I love listening as well as singing bhajans and devotional songs.
6. The most beautiful place i have ever seen is The Golden Temple , in Amritsar,altough the Art of Living Ashram comes a close 2nd , London city 3rd , the Sydney Harbour brige 4th.
7. I love chocolates and sweets( kheer happens to be my fav followed by cheesecake)
8. I love cooking.
9. Right now i am supposed to be working on some 3d animation related thing but am so not interested inbthat thats why am here blogging.
10. I love Oriflame, Body Shop and Nivea products.
11. Im not brand concious . I actually pick up most of my clothes at sales or at 10$ shoppes.
12. I have shoe and artificial jewellery fetish.
13. I hate wearing black jeans and donot possess a pair - thats the reality.
14. Am most comfortable wearing kurtas nd jeans or tracks and sweats or just a simple salwar suit.
15. I hate attending ostentatious over the top punjabi weddings- well thats because i believe in simplicity
16. I am a deeply spiritual person and have been even since the age of 10 or even before that.
17. I used to play the harmonium until i was 17 years old.
18. I hate 3D animation but love vfx.and hope to get back to it one day.
19. If i wasnt into animation, id probably be running a restraunt or be busy being a chef.
20.I hate orkut and facebook but i cant live like an antisocial element hence am on these socially antisocial networks.
21. Im a vegetarian . Tough there was a time when i could eat meat morning noon and night.
22. I owe whatever i am today to my parents, Guruji, and a whole lot of God's Angels who are on this planet.
23. The teachings of H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar have had a deep impact on my life .
24. Well contraray to what people think , i tend to loose my temper sometimes especially when my little brother irritates me.
25. Im happy being busy and busy being happy... :)

When You Believe

this is the most beautiful song ive ever heard.. absolutely reinforced my faith in th divinity and struck a chord deep down really hard.....
Jai Gurudev, and all the Gratitude for my parents, Guruji, God and all the angels who are always there for me 24/7 this song is decicated to everone ....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tera Mai

today is 13th of May ..Happy Birthday Guruji
Mai Tera..
Thank You for always being there and for the Grace....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

People Come into Your Life for a Reason

people come inti your life for a reason- this video struck a chord with me somewhere deep down.
A beautiful Slide show. Do take a peek if you have the time.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Great Video - H.H Sri Sri Ravishankarji

in this video Guruji speaks about issues facing South Asia, especially Sri Lnaka and INdia ...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An interesting Interview of Dr. David Frawley

here is an interesting interview of Dr David Frawley , a world reknowned Vedic Scholar . talking about the Gunas, etc. The first few line sare in Dutch but the Rest of it is in English and btw this is the first time ive tried to embed a video into the post so lemme know if it works. The interview is pretty long about 75 mins .. but just lemme know if the video works...

Interesting Salad

An easy Salad:
what you need:
for the dressing:olive oil, vinegar , salt, pepper(freashly ground) ready to mix in salad seasoning , some finely chopped garlic(about 2 -3 pods is enough), some water (depending on what consistency you want it to be. A pinch of sugar. Mix up all ingredients for the dressing...
For the salad:
mixed salad leaves (i used iceberg lettuce,red lettuce , rocket , cabbage)
boconncini or riccota cheese,
black and green olives sliced
sundried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.
If you have some eggplan(brinjal) you could lightly grill that and use it like i did or even use grilled zucchuni.Toss up the salad and add the dressing and you have an dabsolutely wonderful salad to eat...

Election. Politics. Please Cast Your Vote

Hmm i know i wont be in India during the elections. But i'd like to tell all Citizens of India to please please Cast their VOTE.Every vote Counts . I am not saying cast your vote for any particular party (well, personally tough i am a fan of L.K ADVANI- which seems to be the better of the two evils when in a country of 83% hindus(including sikhs,jain and Bhuddhists), we have an Italian ruling us i mean c'mon Sonia Gandhi isnt Indian by birth . A nation of over a billion people and we had to vote for Sonia? Could we not find an Indian to to lead our country?? And how did her party handle the Mumbai Attacks? And the recent Minority Appeasement??The overly corrupt policies in the worlds largest democracy? Its high time that all people of 18 years and above should exercise their FUNDAMENTAL and UNIVERSAL RIGHT TO VOTE. and please vote for whom you think is the right party - its ur choice i was just airing my personal opinion on my blog. BUT DONT FORGET TO CAST YOUR VOTE.Remember you have the power to change teh country with your vote and EVERY VOTE COUNTS....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Gayatri Manttra

One of the most popular and the most widely chanted of all Vedic Mantras seems to be the Gayatri Mantra. Of course by now, it is commonly known that chanting of mantras or even Om has deep effects on the body .(this article is going to be a bit long so read it with a lot of patience as explaining a mantra and its effects are not so easy.)

the meaning or interpretation by the arya samaj:
Aum = The sacred syllable Om, identified with Brahman, the immanent reality and with the Hindu trinity (Lord Bhrama, Vishnu and Shivji)
bhoor = The base of the universe. The Sanskrit root 'bhu' means base, ground etc.. Thus, bhoor is the base of the universe, or the Netherworlds as used in some interpretations (see Ram Mohan Roy below). Together, bhoor-bhuvah-svaha constitute the early Vedic cosmos.
bhuva = Earth
svaha = Heaven
tat = That
savitur = Savitr's. Savitr is a name for the Sun, but specifically for the rising or setting Sun.
varenyam = Supreme/Excellent
bhargo = Radiance/ Splendour. The root word is 'bha' meaning shine. Other words derived from this root include bhaskar (sun) and prabhat (dawn).
devasya = Of the Deity (Savitr's). Here, 'deva' means deity and 'sya' is a possessive suffix.
dheemahi = we contemplate
dhiyo = Intellects (Plural of Dhihi = Mind or the intellect)
yo = Who
naha = Our
prachodayat = Awakens, rouses, inspires. 'Pra' is a prefix, the root 'chod' means drive, inspire etc. and 'yaad' is a causative suffix.
"O God, Thou art the giver of life, the remover of pain and sorrow, the bestower of happiness; O Creator of the Universe, may we receive Thy supreme sin-destroying light; may Thou guide our intellect in the right direction." Thats the interpretation by the Arya Samaj.
Now, the effects of the Gayatri Mantra ,:-The balanced qualities of the Mantra:The Gayatri is a perfectly balanced mantra, almost akin to the chinese yin and yang. The body or text of the Gayatri Mantra is feminine, and her message or invocation is masculine. Gayatri is the mother of the Vedas and this means the mother of all knowledge. She appeals to the masculine Savitur, which is said to be the radiance of perception and intelligence. This radiance, which is everywhere and in every experience, is likened to the radiance of our solar sun. In other words, all of the knowledge of the intricate ways of existence is contained within the syllables of the mantra and so too is the means and vehicle with which to go beyond knowledge as well.
Gayatri Mantra's vibrational influence on the physical body.
Silently thinking or speaking or chanting the Gayatri Mantra influences the physical body,i.e Our energy centers, levels and rhythms are activated by the measure of breaths that are drawn in through the nostrils and released during recitation of the Gayatri Mantra, (even during silent repetition clears the emotional body, leads one to the inner heart. The Gayatri stimulates and facilitates insightfulness and awakening to the Truth within all.
(even during silent repetition). This balances electromagnetic rhythm and energy currents in the body with prana. Prana is an undetectable life force energy. During recitation, all elements of the mantra are in use; even the breath is a precision instrument. It all works together, like an orchestra and the Conductor. The breath, voice, meditation and intention efficiently and effortlessly function (like the sun shines).
The Vedas are ancient (from beginning-less time) scriptures that reveal the secrets of life and the way to live it in accord with the entire universe. Not only the well-known chakra system but all energy and rejuvenating centers are activated by the sound of the Gayatri.
The mantra works in a multitude of ways, which align the energies, magnetic currents, biochemistry and brainwave patterns on a very subtle level. Immediately or in time, one will notice the wonderful effect.
By chanting the Gayatri Mantra, the mantra itself reveals the teachings within it. The Gayatri is flawless and whole. The Gayatri Mantra regenerates unobstructed perception in the same way that crops are renewed. For example, wind carries seeds onto the terrain. In time, wild flowers and wheat inherit the fields. Again and again an unobstructed flow, season after season. The earth propagates her released seeds and in turn the seeds flourish and produce another generation. The mantra works like that. Gayatri's meaning is the good season that prospers the Earth. Fruit comes forth again and again. Gayatri is like the power in the sun. How can we really speak about such a thing, is it comprehensible at all? Any definition that you hear can be compared to one grain of sand upon infinite shores. A definition can never indicate the immense significance and intensity of this mantra.
I feel a kind of magic chanting the Gayatri mantra which is in the all powerful Sanskrit Language(infact most of the vedic mantras are)
Remember that this explanation is not even a fraction of the profound possibilities lying in the secret recesses of this mantra. The Gayatri Mantra aligns precisely balanced energies, unobstructed and distinct, to generate currents, which act like lasers. Intoning a true pitch, word and meter (Sanskrit) translates sound waves, one retrogressing into another. You can visualize a still pond and as a pebble touches the surface on its way to the bottom, rings are formed. If you watch these rings for a while you would see them moving out and in at the same time. This is an illustration and not truly the pattern of Gayatri's yantra but it gives you an idea. The mantra's potency becomes more and more rarefied until it reaches a frequency that carries the inherent message within the mantra to its proper place. These sound vibrations are encoded in electromagnetic waves. They rarefy to finer and finer frequencies until no frequent vibration or information is detectable. Though no frequency is detected, information is still present (like in the case of homeopathy) on the subtlest level. The more refined the mantra frequency moves into the field of sound, the greater its power. This is true for enlightenment as well. A very subtle perception can powerfully awaken you to the "Truth". The Gayatri's message speaks of being deeply focused on that which illumines the whole of consciousness, and ultimately realizing enlightenment. Its reference is plural and impersonal. The mantra when chanted properly is indeed magical. It's a beauty. It is a joy.
Not only this, but recently, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankarji has also explained how the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra affects the vertebrae and the chanting ofecah syllable of the Mantra has an effect on each of the vertebrae.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Semester 2..

why such a random post you all might wonder when i havent posted much about my studies before. Simple. This semester is hard . Endless assignments no time to breathe. Only good thing: no all night renders and vfx . Thankfully. Ok so this semester i have to study script writing which is quite a boring subject- i mean for chirssake what is an animatior/compositor gonna make use of script writing eventually -i don't think so , well unless we entre the mainstream which i intend not to. Ok so making a walk cycle is cool, modelling a character is cool, sound is cool fine. but why script writing? i mean seriously - write 3, 30 second secenes to have a one nd half minute movie that too animated? the amount of hard work going in2 3d modelling and animating it am not even sure the movie would end up as one and a half minutes probably longer like umm 5 minutes ....and im already frustrated its already week 3. all i can say is that just 10 more weeks for sem 2 to get over. i can't wait actually id be quite relieved. But who know how tough the last sem is gonna be?? so no point breathing a sigh of relief now...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

170 Beautiful Quotes ....


Master is the Door.· "An uncommitted mind feels no direction." :H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.· "Compassion creates cooperation. Company creates competition. " - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"People who are willing to serve will have good times even in thebad times." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"People usually blame the bad time and just wait for the good time.Even if an astrologer says that you are in a hopeless time, you can stillmake it a good time!" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"I don't think there is any love affair without war. Everyone whofalls in love has to go through some fight." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.·

"Shame accompanies arrogance. Shyness accompanies Love." "Retainyour shyness and drop your shame." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"Wake up and see that everyone loves you. If you ever feel lonelyand feel that no one loves and cares for you - remember me. Know that thereis one person in this universe who will always love you, always stand byyou." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"Discipline protects freedom. They go hand in hand.. .. Freedomwithout discipline is like a country without defence." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·

"Life is too short to keep solving problem one after the another Itell you. Just wake up and walk ahead, problems will get solved bythemselves. You are not alone my dear! Wake up. You are not alone. Allproblems are getting solved." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"Suppose a set of gifts are bought and given to everyone and theyall say, 'Oh, what a beautiful gift,' and they are holding the wrappingpapers, but not going past the wrapping paper. The secret is, that all thecharm and joy you see in the world is just a wrapping paper, colourful andbeautiful, with all glittery designs, but inside you is the real gift, thedivinity itself." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"Being more aware in life and laughing every moment, we pass throughthis world. That is growth, that is blossoming in our personality. " - H. H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "

I have never seen your Face But, I have fallen in love with you Ihave not heard your name But, My hearts Beats your Name I have never touchedyou But you are in every cell of my being I have never met you But you R MEWhen I dissolve you EXIT All I Want To Know Is to dissolve All I Want To BeIS ONE." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"Silence is the seed of creation.., The purpose of words is tocreate silence.., True laughter and celebration are born out of deepsilence! Inevitably one experiences profound silence in the presence of themaster! Questions disappear! Worries, anxieties and desires vanish.., ONE ISLEFT SPEECHLESS!" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"Your worries, your feelings, your thoughts arise in your own mind.You are totally responsible for all your feelings-how you feel, what youthink, what you do- all that. You are responsible. " - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·

"Your mind is tired, is burned down through its galloping on desireafter desire---it' s so tired! Just turn back and see all the desires youhave achieved. Have they given you rest? No. They've only created a few moredesires in you." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"That which gives you long-term joy and short tem misery is theright action. But that which gets you some short-term joy but a long-termmisery follows. That action is not the right action. It's intelligent toavoid long-term misery at the cost of short-term pain." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·

"Forgetfulness of the Divine is misery. Forgetfulness of the trivialis Ecstasy." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"You have nothing to lose. All that you can lose is your tension andyour worry, your little-mindedness, fear, and anxiety. And fear and anxiety,tension and worry in the small, little mind will keep the mind from beingfree, will keep the mind from experiencing its infinite potential, will keepthe mind from becoming more powerful on this planet." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"The mind sees through its own eye. You can trust anything in theworld except your doubting mind. It will doubt you. When such a thing comes,dropping that is called surrender, dropping the judgements." - H. H. Sri SriRavi Shankar ji.·

"Celebrate Life. Care for others and share whatever you have withthose less fortunate than you. Broaden your vision, for the whole worldbelongs to you." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"There is one thing that is ever fresh and new. That is love. Anytechnique you do, do it with love. Even if you simply hold a stick, love thestick in front of you. It is your breath. Love is very essential." - H. H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"Creation is all anxious to fulfil your desire when you becomehollow and empty." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"The Divine has come to you in love through so many forms: mother,father, wife, husband, children and friends. The same love comes to you inthe form of the Master to elevate you to the level of divine love, which isalso your own nature." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

Jai Guru Dev dear. How r u?> "Make your whole life a game! There is no purpose; there is no aim -Nothing!> > Just take it lightly, easily. Play the Game! That is worship, that is> Celebration! " -H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "

Worry is enemy of love. You can not be in love and be worried at the same time. " - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"When you own something big, then your consciousness also expands,and when you own something small, then small negative emotions, such asanger and greed, start to rise." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"D i s p a s s i o n is the state of Being and G l o r y is thehappening around it." -H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"ek vyakti krodh me chilla raha hai to woh bimar hai, karuna hi uskeliye dava hai. baato se nahi samjha payenge usko. pran shakti urja ko badhaoto ye sab manasik bimariya hat jati hai." - Poojya Gurudev.·
"If you can't see the Divine in me, then open your eyes! If you cansee the Divine in me, then you are a part of me; you cannot be away from me.If you feel a part of me, you will see the Divine in yourself. And when yousee the Divine in yourself, you'll see the Divine in everyone." H. H. SriSri Ravi Shankar ji.·

"The purpose of sorrow is to bring you back to the Self, which isall joy. But this realization is possible only through Knowledge-awareness .Knowledge leads sorrow towards the Self. Without Knowledge, the sorrow doesnot get completed & instead multiplies. Knowledge completes sorrow." -Poojya Gurudev.·
"Suffering is a product of limited knowledge." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·

"If you want to grow in Divine Love, you have got to drop the prideand all of the artificial wall we build between ourselves and others. In the"wall" we keep judging others, and we think others are judging us." H. H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"When something bothers you too much in the mind, you want to talk.This is in between. I tell you, when something bothers you in the mind, getinto action---work. You will see that gives a bigger relief." - H. H. SriSri Ravi Shankar ji.· "
When every action of yours is preceded by witnessing, then everymove you make in this sansara becomes perfect and significant. " -H. H. SriSri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Choice less awareness is the only joyful state, a peaceful state, astate without confusion." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"From the object move on to the Centre, move on to the Experiencerof pleasure. This is the way to have a continued experience, continued joyin life." H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "
When there is a total sense of belongingness, real play happens.Winning or losing is irrelevant." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Khud ki ninda band karna adhyatmic jeevan ki pehli sidhi hai." - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "The mind has two abilities - one is to focus, the other is toexpand and relax. When you put a thread through a needle, the mind isfocusing. When you are looking at the empty sky, the mind is expanding. Thisability to focus and expand should come simultaneously in theconsciousness. " - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"When we express love too much, then also it disappears, dies out.It's like when you keep the seed on the surface of the soil, not a littledeep inside, it doesn't grow." H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Look into the motives behind your actions. Often you don't go forthings you really want. You go to things because others would want you to orbecause of what others would say, think, or do about it." H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
" You reject something, but if you reject it without anger it is notbondage; if you reject something with anger, then that is bondage. Youreceive some, and when you receive: "Oh, oh, oh!" you are excited about it,then that is bondage. Whatever is done with anger or excitement makes astrong impression in the mind and that becomes bondage." - H. H. Sri SriRavi Shankar ji.·
"You complete this existence. You being here on this planet, at thistime brings the time into fullness." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "Ordinary people just look at the behaviour; the intelligent onelooks beyond behaviour and is amazed by the play of consciousness(Brahman)." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"The mere presence of the sun brings all the activity in the world.In the same way, your mere presence is a service, is the goal. There is nogain, no loss, no purpose, no defeat." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Nature is limitless. Always expand your consciousness, you are borna king, do not be a beggar and shrink your consciousness. " - H. H. Sri SriRavi Shankar ji.·
"In the modern world, spiritualism cannot survive without materialism and the materialism cannot survive without spiritualism. Only aharmony needs to be created between the two, which is quite possible and practicable. " - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"See, the wick (of a candle)is dark & ugly, but the glow isbeautiful. So are you. The wick is the body & you are the glow.. ..The bodyis nothing but a handful of ashes, would-be ashes. You will see, when youshift from the wick to the glow, your mind becomes stable-Bheda. " - H. H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.·
"If you really love something, you want to know more about it.Wanting knowledge of that which you love is very natural. And when you gettotal knowledge of it, you will certainly love it." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"Love makes your practice fresh & new. It is love which nourishes,pushes forward your technique, your progress, your growth." - H. H. Sri SriRavi Shankar ji.·
"When your mind wanders around, allow it to go. Don't try to hold itback. Don't try to force it. Where it goes, let it go. Follow it and bringit back. This is Dana, forgiving." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Truth transcends duality, and God is the absolute and only truth.In the same way, no matter what is happening in your mind, you are God." -H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Do not take life seriously or you are bound to be disturbed. Tomaintain equanimity- take it as a game and not seriously." - H. H. Sri SriRavi Shankar ji.·
"Every storm that has come into your life has widened your horizon,has made you deep and more powerful. Every storm has destroyed somesmallness in you, something in you that has been very small." - H. H. SriSri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"You are like a free bird. You are fully open. Feel that you areflying like a bird. Learn to fly. This is some thing which you have toexperience within yourself. There is nothing else. If you consider yourselfas bonded, you will remain bound here." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Tomorrow is another day another morning, afternoon, evening,midnight & then tomorrow's gone. Some days you have highs, some days youhave lows. But where are they all? All gone! Till this moment, all is gone.Right now, right now, right now. This is awareness; this is knowledge." -Poojya Gurudev.·
"The only true security that can be found in this world is in thevery process of giving love." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "Demand for rights is ignorance, agony. Knowing no one can take awayyour rights is freedom. Giving away your rights is love, wisdom." - PoojyaGurudev.· "Depression and low feelings cannot touch you. They can do nothingto you. However chi ti clouds are, they cannot overshadow the sun. It couldbe the darkest day, but still it will remain day, and those clouds can nevermake it night." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"An educated person has concepts as solid as earth, ready to receiveinformation from all sources like the air around us, with an attitude likethat of water, that takes the shape of the container it is poured in and isenthused by the fire of imagination and at the same time has freedom in themind like space that is all pervading." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"If you manipulate words, it is a lie; If you play on words, it is ajoke; If you rely on words, it is ignorance; If you transcend words, it isWISDOM." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "Dialogue always brings the way." Rishi Vidhyadhar ji.· ·
"If a person is yelling in anger, then he is sick, compassion is theonly medicine for him. You can not make him understand with words. If yougrow life force energy then all these mental illnesses will go away." - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"More will be given to you only if you utilise properly what youalready have! This is a law in nature." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"When you move in the world, recognize the Divinity in things aroundyou, in people around you. Listen with your heart. When you listen, listento something more. Not just to the sound, but to the silence, too." - H. H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Reactions do not take you any further in life, and if we're justreacting and reacting, then we are back to an animalistic life. Animalssimply react. In fact, they don't even hold grudges. You do not need to holdon to a grudge. You do not need to react. You can simply be compassionate.This is reality. This is truth."- H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Never mind any words from anybody. If you could just do that, thenyou have won the world." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Only in two states the boredom does not occur: in a state of totalinertia or in a state of Divine Consciousness. If you are bored, itindicates you are evolving. Boredom moves you." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.·
"For every step, the previous phase has to be dissolved. One phasedissolves to give space for another, and it is always evolutionary. So thereis no reverting back, no reversing--- it is evolutionary. It can stop for awhile, but then it continues." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "One should always admit his ignorance. Once you do that, your urgefor knowledge remains uninhibited. " - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Conflict is the nature of the world; comfort is the nature of theself. Amidst the conflict seek comfort." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Through this boat of knowledge, cross over to the other shore,where you belong, from where you have come. Your abode is there. Itswaiting. And the father, the mother, and the beloved are waiting right thereforyouwith open arms." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Just as a lit candle can light another candle, only one who has cangive. One who is free can free you, one who is love can kindle love." - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"What are you afraid of? What do you think you will lose? Just wakeup and see you have nothing to lose in the first place! And, even if youthink you have something, how long can you hold on to it ?!" - H. H. Sri SriRavi Shankar ji.·
"If you don't realize you are blessed, then the doership begins. Ifyou want to make a difference in your life, feel you are blessed." - H. H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"This entire creation is a story. Its one light & one Being, oneDivinity becoming a billion sparks and playing in a billion parts.Such ahuge Drama!" - Guruji.·
"In most of our problems, the main problem is that we fight with ourmind." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "A commitment can only be felt when it oversteps convenience. Thatwhich is convenient, you do not call commitment. If you just go on yourconvenience, your commitment falls apart causing more inconvenience! " - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Wisdom is de-linking the event from the emotion, and de-linking theemotion from the sensation. Ignorance is linking some sensation or someemotional feeling that you have back again to an event." - H.H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"Rishi means whose words are followed by the meaning. The meaningdirectly gets translated in to heart. Say peace and the word peace carriespeace behind it. You hear the word peace and then you are peacefulimmediately. " - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Just complaining without looking for a solution isirresponsibility. " - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself, and know thateverything in this life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences,all events are blessings given to us to learn from..!" - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"Do not depend on arguments. Mystery is beyond argument, and miracleis beyond argument. And love is a miracle in life. Enlightenment is amiracle in life. Joy is a miracle in life." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"The purpose of every practice -- spiritual practice, meditation,breathing techniques, and kriya, all this -- is to uncover something thatblocks the expression of Divine Love." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Everyone loves in this world. Everything loves. But that lovedoesn't stay too long as love. It immediately becomes hatred, almostimmediately. But yoga is that skill, that preservative, that maintains thatlove as love throughout." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"You don't have to worry; your life is not a big burden, a bigresponsibility for the Divine. It can take care of you very well.... ..Befilled with love, be filled with gratitude, get rid of the fear in you bybeing in love." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Thoughts simply arise but it is your choice who has to act or notact, according to impulse or logic." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"This present moment has mind of its own. The existence has a mindof its own. And it knows and its running the show." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"Legendary is the love that withstands rejection. It will be free ofanger and ego. Legendary is the commitment that withstands humiliation. Itwill be one-pointed and will reach the goal. Legendary is the wisdom thatwithstands turbulence. It will be integrated into life. Legendary is thefaith that withstands a million chances of doubt. It will bring perfection-siddhis." -H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji
"Do some asanas and yoga along with pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya.This will keep your mind in place and spirit uplifted throughout the day." -Poojya Gurudev.· "
Spiritual Blossoming means expanding in all dimensions. Beinghappy, at ease with yourself & with everybody around you." - H. H. Sri SriRavi Shankar ji.· "An identity is related to an action. Denial of identity will dumpyou in inaction, lethargy and sloth & hence Krishna reminds Arjuna of hiskshatriya identity even while giving Brahma gyana to remind him of hisduties and responsibilities. " - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Want, or desire, arises when you are not happy. Have you seen this?When you are very happy then there is contentment. Contentment means nowant." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Being together is the foundation of knowledge. That is where youcan begin on the steps of wisdom." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"There is no experience that equals the ecstasy of prayer. So adevotee takes every opportunity to pray & to dance for God to dawn. That isevolution!" Sri Sri.·
"The heart always long for the old. The mind always long for thenew. Life is an combination of both." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Even an illiterate, through faith, attains deep Knowledge." - H. H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "Acceptance brings sincerity. Don't label yourself. You don't knowwho you are. Simply accept that you don't know how great you are or howstupid you are." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "Emptiness is the doorway between material and spiritual worlds. Itis where you come to understand the nature of the spirit. If you do not knowemptiness, you can not know the joy of the being. The knack of experiencingbeing causes emptiness. From the emptiness begins the fullness." - PoojyaGurudev.·
"In the world & in time there is always room for improvement. Youcan improve your time & your nature. Only the Being is perfect all the time.Take refuge in the Being & become incorrigible. "I am" incorrigible. " - H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Don't make an effort to impress others, or to express yourself.When you come from the Self, your expression is perfect & your impressionlasts for ages." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"In the presence of pure bliss, joy; all complaints vanish and lifeappears like a play." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Drop all your hates now. You are stuck with your hates. This is aplace to be in love and joy. Drop all your hatreds." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"Acceptance brings sincerity. Don't label yourself. You don't knowwho you are. Simply accept that you don't know how great you are or howstupid you are."- H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"If you can see that wherever there is an attraction, there isKrishna; then you are Radha, you are in your centre." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.· "
If you are unable to meditate because your mind is chattering toomuch, just feel that you are little stupid & then you will be able to sinkdeep into meditation." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "Expressing God is conscious action." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.·
"Sukha, dukha, logic and feverishness these four reins pull youbackwards." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"If you do anything patiently, you do not waste that time. But ifyou do things with restless mind or body, you waste the time." - H. H. SriSri Ravi Shankarji.·
"When you realise your unboundedness then no action is anachievement. " - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"As we attach events & emotions to individuals, the cycle continues.You will be never free from that. So first detach the event & emotion fromthat person, space & time. This is called Astrology." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"Effect of asana is clearing out all conflicts, duality. The seed ofnegativity & the tendency for conflict in you can only be annihilated bySadhana." Sri Sri.
"Abundance is a state of consciousness. It is when you feel;you have plenty,> when you have enough." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"The easy way to silence the thoughts is to arouse the feelings. Forthrough feelings only peace, joy & love dawn. And they are all your verynature." -Gurudev.·
"Your own judgements bring the barrier, separate you, makes youbehave so funny. When you are judging, you are judging your own self, butyou are super-imposing it on this, or this, or this, or this." - H. H. SriSri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Longing gives you the power to bless. Bless the entire creation.For, the longing in you is God." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"When you gain respect, you often do it at the cost of your freedom.Wisdom is to put the freedom first and not bother about respect." - PoojyaGurudev.·
"Intense Love Wants Expression." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"God expects only one thing from you, "your unshakeable faith" Ifyour faith shakes very quickly, if it keeps shaking too often, or if yourealise that you do not have any faith at all when difficulty strikes, thenit is akin to being like the husk. Look into your life; are you mere husk orgrain?" - Gurudev.·
"All your gains can only be smaller than you. Taking pride in anygains is belittling yourself." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Steadiness is dignity. Steadiness is strength and steadiness isdispassion." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Have proper food, do proper exercises, involve in good activities,have good tendencies. Then, your body will be well balanced and in a cooland pleasant state of mind." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"One who is awakened and brings knowledge and experience to thepeople is a Guru." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.· "
Know the non-existence of past events right now and accept them." -H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Life evaporates in desire, but if life could be condensed, itbecomes solidified love. This condensed life is awareness." - H. H. Sri SriRavi Shankar ji.·
"Be thankful that you have been bestowed with the qualities that youhave because it is not your own making. And these qualities depend on thepart you have been given to play. When you understand this basic truth, thenyour inner perfection becomes stable." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"The world is full of differences and arguments are inevitable. Withforbearance or patience and wisdom, skilfully make your way up." - PoojyaGurudev.·
"Often one confuses ego with self esteem. Ego needs the other forcomparison, self esteem is just confidence in oneself." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"Anytime you are confused, your mind is in conflict, do asana, sitin asana. You will see, right away clarity comes." - H. H. Sri Sri RaviShankar ji.·
"Success means crossing a limit. To cross a limit you need to assumethat you have a limit. Assuming a limit is underestimating yourself. If youhave no boundaries then where is your success?" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.·
"The Guru makes the abstract more real and what you thought as solidappears more unreal. Sensitivity and subtlety dawns. Perception of love, notas emotion, but as the substratum of existence becomes evident." - H. H. SriSri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"If you do pranayama faithfully then you get the Knowledge of theprana; if your do your meditation faithfully, the Knowledge of consciousnessfollows. Even an illiterate, through faith, attains deep Knowledge." - H. H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"When you make Service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind and gives you meaning." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.·
"It is possible only in this human body to comprehend, to uphold,and having had a human life and having known this path, if you still do notrealize this - you are at the greatest loss." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.·
"If you find fools around you, they are going to make you wiser. Thenumber of fools around you indicates the strength of your centeredness.Don't try to get rid of them!" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"Happiness springs forth from faith. Happiness is forgetting thebody consciousness. Pain or sorrow is holding on to the body consciousness. "- Poojya Gurudev.·
"Do not let politics sway you away from the path. If you are afraidof politics you cannot be successful in the spiritual realm. You have tocross the barricade of politics. It is a test of your strength, yourcommitment and your focus." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
Death is what? Dropping the past. Die every moment and you are bornevery moment." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.·
"If you get attached to your virtues, you look down upon everybodyelse and they (the virtues) start diminishing. Non- attachment to virtuesbrings the highest self respect." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seekers and Sadhaks: Amazing Knowledge....

There are two types of sadhaks or seekers. The first type of seekers is those having the capability and capacity to digest knowledge, and act according to knowledge. The other type of seekers are those who make mistakes, knowingly make mistakes and feel sorry for them later on. To repeat, the second type of sadhaks is those who make mistakes but who are pained by their own mistakes. Even then, you are on the path of devotion, because the pain of not having done something that you should be doing or should have done will make you deep. If you cover your mistake, you will not even feel bad about it deeply. If you feel deeply bad about it, you feel your helplessness, your weakness, that weakness itself can make you a prayerful seeker. And then you will see whatever that was bothering you will fall away from you. Whatever habit you don´t want to have, you´ll feel that it has fallen off from you when you cry for help. It is said, the Divine dawns in you when you cry for it, when you sing for it. When you sing, very quickly the Divine love comes back to you, dawns on you again; it comes to one´s experiences. This is for sure! The Divine is only waiting for you to dig a little deeper into yourself; that is all. Because it can then fill you with much more nectar! The deeper you are, you´ll be filled with more nectar. Divine is waiting to give you more. It wants you to create more space in you. Cry from your soul for help. This is for those seekers who are weak. Those seekers who are strong, for them, with the power of knowledge they can sing with that joy of what they have achieved! Sing with the gratitude in your heart. Sing the glory of the Divine.(Read What is God - Sri Sri ) The moment you sing in gratitude, in glory of the Divine, it immediately dawns in you, and fills you up again. There are two aspects. One is a seeker who is grateful for all his growth and all that he has received, so grateful with the knowledge. The other is so helpless and weak due to own weakness. And both will be helped. And both can grow when they both sing. Because in that singing, either with pain or with joy and gratitude, the Divine dawns and the experience happens, for sure! Of all the truths in the world, Divine love alone is the supreme. Because anything else you do, be it a righteous action, if it has no love behind it, that action is worthless. Suppose you have knowledge and the knowledge does not create love and totality of awareness in you, that knowledge is useless! How can you even have the knowledge if there is no love? If you love astronomy then you will go more deep into it. Of the eternal truth, only love stands, and it is the most important. And what is Love? Love is not just an emotion - "Oh, I love you so much." That´s not love. Love is seeing that there is no difference. "I am you, you are me. You are part of me, I am part of you." Feeling that oneness is love. And it´s not just an intellectual understanding, but coming in the level of experience and living that. Living life as joy and ease is spirituality. Spirituality is not some ritual, or doing something. It´s a very pleasant, uplifted state of your being and seeing that the whole world is all spirit or consciousness. Seeing that there is one Big Mind among all the human beings, animals and all the life in the world is spirituality, and that Love is the essence of Life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sydney.4 months later...

ok so i got back to sydney. after four months of vacations back home. the city seems a bit different. the weather is wierd , unpredictable, just typically like sydney.... george street same yet different- some places are shut down thanks to the recession. Unilodge - i am lucky to have got a room here , albeit a small studio and much smaller than the prevoius one but am comfortable here. This semester seems to be tougher than the last one... thats all from me for now. will blog regularly once i get my internet working...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back to Sydney.

ITS been 4 short months of sumer vacs back in india for me and now i am going back to sydney for my second smester. so will post more once i get back to the land down under.......until then do go thru some of my earlier posts and leave ur comments incas eu havent read em.........

Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Whole Creation,is the dance or play



(Shiva Tandav).,the dance of one conciousness.
Which manifested into a million species in the world.
Like the Mind, Memory and Intellect.
Shiva is also a tatva(element or principle in us).
Shivratri is when the Shiva Tatva and Shakti become one.
Shivratri is auspicious becaus ethe environment is more alive.
- H.H Sri Sri Ravishankarji.
(Mahashivratri is on 23rd feb. Do catch the celebrations live from 6 p.m onwards on Sanskar T.v.)

Forever Bangalorean!!!

Bangalore Mirror” did a fantastic job by inviting His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, and arranging a Huge gathering of city folks to spend an evening with Him in Kantirava Stadium on 21st Feb!
Wow, what a pleasant evening it was. Thousands of citizens from Bangalore, Flood Lights filling the stadium ground, and soothing melodious music by DR. Manikandan and Bhanudidi.
Without wasting time in formalities, Sri Sri immediately tuned up with Bangaloreans and spoke about various things we could do in Bangalore. First and foremost, clean and green bangalore. He sighted an example of a city in Maharashtra, where volunteers are taking brooms in hand, and cleaning up the city!!
He said then, that we have to clean up the city from outside and then from inside. The violence in the city was never heard of.He then reflected on his growing up years. In His youth college days, He recalled that when all south India was protesting anti-Hindi slogans, Karnataka remained silent, and preferred to be peaceful. He said, the students even used to get gifts, clothes to make them protest, but they didn’t except it. In those days, there was no view of meat on roadside shops. All non-veg would be available only in one corner of the city, and it would need to be wrapped and hidden and taken, if one wished to. This was because the city had such sensitivity towards anything violent. We need to bring back that sensitivity and stand up and take action against the perpetrators of crime and violence. He suggested that we should be careful not to give violent video games to children, which involve shooting or killing a person. Because such children become insensitive to violence, and can commit such violent methods in their future life. We need to be careful in what upbringing we give to children.
He said, He was just coming from a visit to a village in Bihar where 220 maoist activists are caught in the jail. These maoists had taken the breathing process, the Sudarshan Kriya, and experienced a big transformation in their mindset. They were much healed after a meeting with Sri Sri and the reason for their terrorist activities has been lack of spiritual education, pranayam to them, ever before.
He said, “Violence free Society, Disease free body, Quiver free breath, Confusion free mind, Inhibition free intellect, Trauma free memory, Ego that compasses all, and Sorrow free soul are birthrights of each individual.”
He said, eating food raised in chemical fertilised farms is giving body aches to people. Organic farming and its purchase needs to be inculcated.
He gave some fantastic tips to involve people and expand belongingness:- He said, just meet five new people and greet them, ask them how are you, did you have your meal and so on.
He gave a new perspective to life:- “In a period of say 80 years of life, 40 years are spend sleeping. Daily 2 hours in Bathroom means 8 more years spent in using Bathroom. Then further few more years spent in travelling and eating. only about 10-12 years are spent in actual living, working and in company of people we love. There is so less time to spend being happy! So make a resolution that let’s say every Thursday, I will be happy, come what may! May be my assistant hasn’t done the work, but I will be happy, may be I lost money in share market, but I will be happy today. Postpone any regret or worry or anger for next day! “
Then He led us into a fantastic “Sookshma Vyayam”, with some very quotable quotes like "no pain no gain" , the subtle exercise, starting right on top of head to the bottom of feet. It was so simple and efficient, that in 10 min we felt so very much refreshed. He said, this subtle exercise gives very good circulation in all parts of body. He suggested that everyone should take out time to learn more of yoga, breathing techniques and Sudarshan Kriya.
Then He led us into a guided meditation. He explained that meditation is not concentration, it is mind without agitation,deconcentration.
Finally Sri Sri released a music album and Bangalore Mirror members thanked for His coming to the program.
Bangalorean at heart, in the hearts of Bangaloreans, we love you Sri Sri !

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kashmir Shaivism

Since Mahashivratri is just around the corner, i thought i'd do a few posts on this rich tradition. Here is a brief history of Kashmiri Shaivism:
The ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism is a non-dual (advaita) school of philosophy which takes as its source the ninety-two Tantras of Lord Shiva. This includes the sixty-four monastic Bhairava Tantras, the eighteen mono-dualistic Rudra Tantras, and the ten dualistic Shiva Tantras. This philosophical tradition is also known by its adherents as Trika. It is called Trika because it encompasses the threefold signs of man and his world. These three signs are Shiva, his Shakti (energy), and Jiva (individual ). Also signified are three primary energies: para (supreme) energy, para-para (combination of highest and lowest) energy. and apara (lowest) energy. These are also termed iccha Shakti, the energy of will, jnana Shakti, the energy of knowledge, and kriya Shakti, the energy of action. These three energies represent the threefold activities of the world: knower, knowing, and known. Kashmir Shaivism also known as the Trika tradition, encompasses four systems of philosophy: the Pratyabhijna system, the Kula system, the Krama system, and the Spanda system.
The teaching of Kashmir Saivism is so rich and detailed in its descriptions of what it reveals as the ascent of individual consciousness to universal God Consciousness (Parama Shiva) that it has been characterized as a mystical geography of awareness. It includes a highly developed system of spirituality that emphasizes not only the intellectual understanding of its concepts, but also the direct realization, the direct experience, of its truth. For the Kashmir Shaiva, the very nature of truth, its defining characteristic, is that it is unlimited and universal. The human intellect, on the other hand, is limited and individual. As such it cannot contain within its grasp that reality which transcends it. For the Kashmir Shaiva truth, as universal, is said to be anirvacaniya, unspeakable. Words cannot express or reveal it. Any attempt to define and contain it with the spoken word only limits it. If truth is to be known and understood, it must be experienced through direct realization. As the philosophy of Kaśmir Śaivism is deeply rooted in the Tantras, the lineage of Kaśmir Śaivism begins with Śhiva himself. According to tradition, as the knowledge of the Tantras were lost by the time of Kali Yuga, Shiva took the form of Śrikanthanath at Mt Kailaśha, where he fully initiated Durvasa Ṛiṣhi, into all forms of the Tantrika knowledge, including abheda (without differentiation), bhedabheda (with and without differentiation), and bheda (differentiated), as described in the Bhairava Tantras, Rudra Tantras, and Śiva Tantras, respectively. Durvasa Ṛṣi intensely meditated in the hope of finding an adequate pupil to initiate, but failed to do so. Instead, he created three "mind-born" sons, and initiated the first son, Tryambaka fully into the monistic abheda philosophy of the Bhairava Tantras; this is known as Kaśmir Śaivism.
Concepts in KashmirShaivism:Anuttara is the ultimate principle in Kashmir Shaivism, and as such, it is the fundamental reality underneath the whole Universe. Among the multiple interpretations of anuttara are: "supreme", "above all" and "unsurpassed reality". In the Sanskrit alphabet anuttara is associated to the first letter - "A" (in devanagari "अ"). As the ultimate principle, anuttara is identified with Śiva, Śhakti (as Śakti is identical to Śiva), the supreme consciousness (chit), uncreated light (prakāśa), supreme subject (aham) and atemporal vibration (spanda). The practitioner who realized anuttara is considered to be above the need for gradual practice, in possession of an instantaneous realization and perfect freedom (svātantrya). Anuttara is different from the notion of transcendence in that, even though it is above all, it does not imply a state of separation from the universe. Aham, the Heart of Śhiva,Aham is the concept of supreme reality as heart. It is considered to be a non-dual interior space of Śiva, support for the entire manifestation, supreme mantra and identical to Śhakti.
Kula, the spiritual group
Kula is a complex notion primarily translated as family or group. On various levels there exist such structures formed of many parts, interconnected and complementary. They are called families on account of having a common unifying bond, which is ultimately the Supreme Lord, Śhiva. The practices related to Kaula are very obscure and mystical and the focus is away from much philosophical tinkering and more into immediate experimentation. In essence, Kaula is a form of body alchemy where the lower aspects of one's being are dissolved into the higher ones, as they all are considered to form a unified group (a kula) which relies on Śhiva as ultimate support.

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This year, Mahashivratri falls on 23rd February. " MahaShivrartri " or the "Great Night of Shiva" is a Hindu festival celebrated every year on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna

Paksha (waning moon) of the month of Maagha (as per Shalivahana) or Phalguna

(as per Vikrama) in the Hindu Calendar (that is, the night before and day of the new moon). The festival is principally celebrated by offerings of Bael (Bilva) leaves to the Lord Shiva, all day fasting and an all night long vigil.Observing Mahasivrathri is transforming as we awaken to whom we truly are. Lord Siva, the dissolver of ego enables clearance of past karmic negatives that have blocked us from our true potentials. Proximity of the mind with Source does align our thoughts to be empowered as we are in touch with our inner wisdom of calm, serenity, inspiration, abundance and knowing. Shaivism,names the oldest of the four sects of Hinduism. Followers of Shaivism, called "Shaivas," and also "Saivas" or "Saivites," revere Shiva as the Supreme Being. Shaivas believe that Shiva is All and in all, the creator, preserver, destroyer, revealer and concealer of all that is. Shaivism is widespread throughout India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, mostly. Notable areas of the practice of Shaivism also include parts of Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Maha Shivratri is not only celebrated by Shaivites today but also by Vaishnavites and other Hindus.

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Message of The Granth Sahib

ok so this is my second post for the day .. Like all Scriptures be it the Gita, Torah, Bible or the teachings of any Great Saint, all have an underlying message not only for the followers of that particular religion but also to the whole of Humanity. The Granth Sahib is one such scripture which has messages for whole of humanity, believers and non believers alike. Here is what i find some of the deepest teachings an Messages of the Granth Sahib.
1.All peoples of the world are equal
The Guru Granth Sahib promotes the message of equality of all beings and at the same time state that Sikh believers "obtain the supreme status" (SSGS, Page 446). Discrimination of all types is strictly forbidden based on the Sikh tenet Fatherhood of God which states that no one should be reckoned low or high, stating that instead believers should –“reckon the entire mankind as One” (Akal Ustat, 15.85).
Sri Guru Granth Sahib promotes the concept of equality by highlighting the fact that we are made of the same flesh, blood and bone and we have the same light of God with us – Soul. Our building bricks are the same: The God-conscious being is always unstained, like the sun, which gives its comfort and warmth to all.
The God-conscious being looks upon all alike, like the wind, which blows equally upon the king and the poor beggar.
2.One God for all
Sikhism is strictly monotheistic in its belief. This means that God is believed to be the one and sole Reality in the cosmos, meaning that no other being have extra-human power. Sikh Gurus state that God alone is worthy of worship, and the highest end of existence, that is mukti or liberation can come through Devotion to God alone.
Besides its monotheism, Sikhism also emphasizes another philosophical idea, which is known as monism. Monism is the belief the world is only a "vision" or illusion (Maya) and that God is the sole "Continuing Reality" so that selfishness, egoism and hate are meaningless.
God is merciful and infinite. The One and Only is all-pervading.
He Himself is all-in-all. Who else can we speak of? God Himself grants His gifts, and He Himself receives them.Coming and going are all by the Hukam of Your Will; Your place is steady and unchanging.
3.Speak and live truthfully
Sikhs believe in the importance of truthful living, which can only be created by purity of mind and not through religious purification rites. They believe that impurity of mind leads to many other vices such as anger, lust, attachment, ego, and greed.
"So how can you become truthful? And how can the veil of illusion be torn away?O Nanak, it is written that you shall obey the Hukam of His Command, and walk in the Way of His Will."
4. Control the five vices
Devotees of Guru Sahib believe they must control the animal instincts of Pride/Ego, Anger/Temper, Greed/Urges, Attachment/Dependency and Lust/Addiction.
"All virtues are obtained, all fruits and rewards, and the desires of the mind; my hopes have been totally fulfilled. The Medicine, the Mantra, the Magic Charm, will cure all illnesses and totally take away all pain.Lust, anger, egotism, jealousy and desire are eliminated by chanting the Name of the Lord."
-Guru Granth Sahib Page 1388
5. Live in God's hukam
A Sikh believes they should live and accept the command of God easily and without too much emotional distress. They attempt to live in contentment and in Chardikala (positive attitude).
"Shalok: He wanders around in the four quarters and in the ten directions, according to the dictates of his karma.Pleasure and pain, liberation and reincarnation, O Nanak, come according to one's pre-ordained destiny. "
-Guru Granth Sahib
6. Virtues:The Sikh religion emphasizes several other virtues: Truth (Sat), contentment (santokh), Love (Pyar), Compassion/Mercy (daya), Service (seva), Charity (dana), forgiveness (ksama), humility (nimrata), patience (dheerjh), non-attachment (vairagya) and renunciation (taiga).
These believers attempt to avoid anger (krodh), egoism (ahankara), avarice (lobh), lust (kama), infatuation (moha), sinful acts (papa), pride (man), doubt (duvidha), ownership (mamata), hatred (vair), and hostility (virodh). In the Sikh religion, freedom from these vices , or Sahaj, is attained through tension-free, ethical living, grounded in spirituality avoiding self-mortification and other religious rites of cleansing.
First, is the Lord's Praise; second, contentment; third, humility, and fourth, giving to charities. Fifth is to hold one's desires in restraint. These are the five most sublime daily prayers.
SGGS Page 1384
Humility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic mantra.
7. Womens' Status:Sikhism also preaches that equal respect should be given to women.
"In the earth and in the sky, I do not see any second. Among all the women and the men, His Light is shining. "
-Guru Granth Sahib Page 223 Shabad 706
I will do a few more posts on the Great Philosophy of Sikhism and scriptures like the bhagvad gita and Yog Vasistha .

The Guru Granth Sahib

The Granth Sahib is regarded as the most sacred scripture of the Sikh Religion but also regarded as a holy scripture by Punjabi Hindu's as weel as Nanak Panthis. Many people find solace in the techings of the Granth and the Gurus of Sikhism.
The Guru Granth Sahib ( ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ, gurū granth sāhib), or Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahib, is the holy scripture and the final Guru of the Sikhs.
Guru Gobind Singhji , the tenth of the Gurus, affirmed the sacred text Adi Granth
as his successor, terminating the line of human Gurus, and elevating the text to Guru Granth Sahib. From that point on, the text remained not only the holy scripture of the Sikhs, but is also regarded by them as the living embodiment of the Ten Gurus. The role of Guru Granth Sahib, as a source or guide of prayer, is pivotal in worship in Sikhism, from which all the Kirtans and Gurubanis draw from including the Ardas. The Granth Sahib also contains the Sukhmani Sahib as part of it.
The Adi Granth was first compiled by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Devji, from hymns of the first five Sikh Gurus and other great saints of the Hindu and Muslim traditions, seeing that originally Sikhism was an amalgamation of the techings of Hinduism and Sikhism. The original scribe of the Adi Granth was Bhai Gurdasji and later Bhai Mani Singhji. After the demise of the tenth Sikh Guru many handwritten copies were prepared for distribution by Baba Deep Singhji. The 'Guru Granth Sahib' is a voluminous text of 1430 pages, compiled and composed during the period of Sikh Gurus, from 1469 to 1708. It is compiled in the form of hymns written in praise of God, which describe what God is like and the right way to live. Written in the Gurmukhi(punjabi script) script, it is written predominantly in archaic Punjabi but includes occasional use of other languages including Braj, Punjabi, Khariboli (Hindi), Sanskrit, regional dialects, and Persian. Written in the Gurmukhi script, the compositions in Sri Guru Granth Sahib are a melange of ar Punjabi and various other dialects. The various dialects used are often coalesced under the generic title of Sant Bhasha( the language of the Guru's preachings) The languages used include Lehndi dialect of Punjabi, regional Prakrits, Apabhramsa, Sanskrit, Hindi languages (Brajbhasha, Old Hindi, Awadhi etc.), Sindhi, and Persian.This is how the Granth Sahib came to be. I could post more but it would turn out to be a long Post and therefore will post on the techings, history ,of the holy scripture in following posts.

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Playing Your Part- A beautiful Knowledge Sheet.

Be thankful for the qualities you have been bestowed upon as they are not your own making. In the same way, it depends on the part that you have been given to play. Say, in a drama, you are given the part of a villain, and you play that role perfectly.. A villain always knows that when I am playing the role of a villain, it's just a role I am playing. I'm very sincere to my role.There is a saying in Sanskrit, "Durjanam Prathamam Vande Sajjanam Tadanantaram ," First, worship the bad person, and then the good man. The bad man is falling and giving you an example, "don't do what I did." Do not hate a criminal in jail, because he's a criminal. In prison, if there is a criminal, he is an embodiment of God. He has done you a greater service. Don't ever hate a drug addict, because he has given you such a beautiful lesson, and he has been given that role. He is just performing his role that way. When you understand these basic laws of truth, then your inner perfection becomes so stable that nothing on this planet can shake your inner perfection. Nothing can shake you. Your knowledge of a mistake comes to you when you are innocent! The knowledge of a mistake dawns in the moment when you are 'out of the mistake'. However the past has been, whatever mistake has happened, do not consider yourself to be a sinner or the maker of that mistake. In the present moment you are new again, pure and clear. Mistakes of the past are past. When this knowledge comes, that moment you are again perfect. Often, mothers scold their children and afterwards feel so guilty. Then they go on regretting, "Oh, poor thing. I got soangry and annoyed at this kid, poor child! I should not have done this."Then you prepare yourself to get angry again. Okay, you got angry with your kid once or twice. Why? Because of lack of awareness! Awareness was missing so the anger came up, it happened. That's what Krishna tells Arjunaa, "Arjunaa, you think you are not going to do what you are supposed to do? I tell you, you will do it. Even if you don't want, you are going to do it!" In a very clever way He puts it: "You better surrender to me directly." He says: "Drop everything. Surrender to Me, and do what I say". Then He says: "Well, I have told you whatever I have to say, now you think it over and do what you like, you do whatever you want to do, do however you like". But then He said, "but remember, you will do only what I want". These last few sentences of Krishna were so confusing, and people have struggled to make sense out of them. There are thousands of commentaries trying to make sense out of these few words, three contradicting statements. First He says, Surrender everything, I'll do everything for you,or just do as I say. Then he says: Think, think and see what is right for you, do whatever you feel is right. And then in the third statement he says: But remember (anyway) you will do only what I want you to do. All of our wanting to do, 'doership', is there to eliminate the*tamas* or inertia in you. Once inertia is eliminated, then you are in activity. When you are acting, you become a witness to the acting. Then you know you are not doing. Things are happening through you. This is the final level of realization. You can see this in every action of yours. Have you noticed this? You are busy 'doing' when you accomplish something. In the beginning you think, "Oh! I have accomplished. " But your accomplishment becomes more and more and more and as time goes by, you will begin tofeel, "no, it's all happening. I did not do anything, I did not accomplish." A writer will feel, "I did not write, it just started flowing, it started happening." All the creative work in the world - whether painting,dance, drama, music, anything - has all come from that unknown corner. It just spontaneously started happening. You are not the doer. The best sculptor will say, "I didn't do it, it just started happening." The best painter will say the same thing; the best music composer would say the samething. I tell you, the same is true for criminals too. You ask the worstcriminal, "did you do this?" He will reply, "No, it happened! What could I do?" *Knowledge of the Self is the only thing that can take you from imperfection to perfection.- H. H - Sri Sri Ravishankar

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Basics of Pasta

ok no its no hidden secret that i lurrvv pasta. there have been a coupla recipes of pasta on my blog .but what abou the basics ? how does one get started on the preperations of pasta?
ok here goes:
in order to boil any form of pasta( on the gas obviously, i use the microwave on in absolute emergency cases), in a vessel start boiling some water with salt, one the water reaches a luke warmish temperature, add the pasta u want, and then add a few drops of oil from the top(this prevents the pasta from sticking and becming gooy), boil the pasta for a few minutes until done. remove from the gas , let cool for about 10 mins .Then, put it in vegetable/food stainer and then pour a bottle of cold/room temperature water over it and leave it for atleast a few minutes before cooking.
2. always boil/ cook pasta on a medium flame while using the gas, in the micro do it on medium high for boiling and cooking.
3. Nobody would tell you this but using a combination of olive oil and butter to cool up the main dish always makes it richer and tastier.
4. The secret of the taste of pasta lies in the herbs and sauce used and not in the shape of the pasta.
5. Rosemary and Thyme add that extra body to any pasta sauce
6. A combination od American Sweetcorn and Basil with macaroni in white sauce is the easiest pasta dish to make.
7. Cheddar, Parmesan, Mozzarella are the best cheeses to use in pasta , you could combine all three and make a three cheese sauce ( recipe out soon)
8. Pasta is the general name given to a group of foods made of of whole grain cereals, originating in italy, some popular kinds of pasta are :spagetthi,fusili, penne,macaroni,fettucine(evey town and village in italy has its own unique style and shape of pasta)
9. Pastas made out of various kinds of Lentils was first popular in Pondicherry India .
10. The best accompaniment to pasta is red wine, in case you dont drink just like me, try it with a glass of chilled apple juice or an interesting mixed fruit mocktail..

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A quickie update and what am currently reading..

oh so i haventor almost 10 days .. ive been really busy with seva for the International Womens Conference which starts on friday been having some amazing satsangs with the argenteninians who were down foe the international AMC....and some excellent knowledge during the satsangs will post on that soon.... been doing some interesting reading lately tough: the world is flat by friedman is so amazing the way he eventually convinces you that the earhth maybe round but today techinally is flat a must read for some interesting facts and stories on globalisation,
Imagining India : a book by one of the greatest IT czars of India , Nandan Nilekani and how this great is posed for the future...,
Celebrating Silence - knowledge sheets by on eof the greatest Spiritualists and Humanitarian Leaders and Saint of this era- His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankarji
The Sacred Sukhmani Sahib - probably the most profound scripture of the Sikhs and Hindu's alike. will do a post on my favourite quotes from this one soon.
A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffery Archer-just started reading this so cant comment much.
Notes To Myself by Hugh Parther- a classical ,perennnial favourite, a must read wheather you are 18,20.40 or 60....
will again update my blog soon after the IWC...

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my blog is now listed on indiblogger , the blogger community. to get yours listed log onto

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A short poem

ok i know i did promise i'd write write on the golden temple but that'll have to wait. as the last two posts have been about punjab and its culture i decided id put up something else instead.Here's a short poem that touched me .ikts by teal henderson from chicken soup for the teenage soul.its about not losing hope and having faith in oneself.
the poem is called "Again":
If when you wake upin the morning,
And the Hurting is so great,
You don't want to get out of bed
And face the world of hate.
If everything in life goes wrong
And nothing you do seems right,
You just try a little harder
And soon you'll see thelight.
For every person who has put you down
And filled your life with pain,
You must strive to achieve greatness
And show them you can win .
For every dissappointment,
For the times you are let down,
There will be a better moment
And your life will turn around.
Because everyone feels heatache,
And everyone feels pain,
But only those who have true courage
Can get up and try again.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Story of Guru Nanak

as i promised yesterday, i do a few posts on the unique traditions of Punjab. During the Islamic invasions, the land of Punjab( which included present day pakistan)was the most threatened actually it was the religious traditions of the land which were threatened. That was the time when the bhakthi movement started in the various parts of India but had not yet reached punjab so that is how the initial roots of what came to be the rich tradition of " Sikhism" were eventually sown .Now it was the great Guru Nanak who started the bhakti movement in punjab Now here is a short story of Guru Nanak .Birth and early life
Guru Nanak Dev was born on 13 November 1469 into a Hindu Khatri( a sub caste of Kshatriya) family of the Bedi caste, in the village of Talwandi, now called Nankana Sahib, in Lahore, Present day pakistan.Today, his birthplace is marked by Gurdwara Janamastan.
His father, Mehta Kalyan Das popularly known as Mehta Kalu, was the patwari (accountant) of crop revenue for the village of Talwandi under the Muslim landlord of the village, Rai Bular, who was responsible for collecting taxes. Guru Nanak's mother was Triptha Devi and he had one elder sister, Nanaki.At the age of five years Nanak is said to have voiced interest in divine and spiritual subjects. At age seven, his father, enrolled him at the village school as per the norm.[8] Notable lore recounts that as a child Nanak astonished his teacher by describing the implicit symbolism of the first letter of the alphabet, as denoting the unity or oneness of God. Other childhood accounts refer to strange and miraculous events about Nanak such as a poisonous cobra being seen to shield the sleeping child's head from the harsh sunlight. Guru Nanak's teachings can be found in the Sikh scripture Guru Granth, a vast collection of revelatory verses recorded in Gurmukhi.
From these some common principles seem discernible. Firstly a supreme Godhead who although incomprehensible manifests in a variety of religious forms, the Singular 'Doer' and formless source of all forms. It is described as the indestructible or timeless form and in both impersonal and personal forms. Salvation or liberation depends on the grace ('nadir'- glance) of God alone and although outside the power of the individual, manifests through the individual whom is seen to be unceasing in their efforts. Religious awakening is compared to undergoing a living death.
Guru Nanak describes the dangers of the self (haumai- 'I am') and calls upon devotees to engage in worship through God's name and singing of God's qualities, discarding doubt in the process. However such worship must be selfless (seva). God's name cleanses the individual to make such worship possible. This is related to the revelation that God is the Doer and without God there is no other. Guru Nanak warned against hypocrisy and falsehood saying that these are pervasive in humanity and that religious actions can also be in vain. However the practice of satsang is considered exalted. It may also be said that ascetic practices are disfavoured by Guru Nanak who suggests remaining inwardly detached whilst living as a householder.Also, Guru Nanak said that" na koi hindu na hi koi musalmaan- hum sab ek hai , hamara rab bhi ek hi hai" loosely translated this means that there is no Hindu or Muslim, we are all one , even our GOD is one.(How similar it is to the teachings of the Vedic philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam).Through popular tradition, Guru Nanak's teaching is understood to be practiced in three ways:
Naam Jaapna: Chanting the Holy Name and thus remembering God at all times (ceasless devotion to God)
Kirat Karō: Earning/making a living honestly, without exploitation or fraud
Vaṇḍ Chakkō: Sharing with others, helping those with less who are in need
Guru Nanak put the greatest emphasis on the worship of True Name (naam japna). One should follow the direction of Awakened individuals rather than the mind (state of manmukh- being led by the mind)- the latter being perilous and leading only to frustration.
In the context of his times, reforms that occurred in the wake of Nanak's teachings and the bhakti movement at large included bhakti devotion being open to all castes, women not to be marginalized from its institutions, and both Godhead and Devotion transcending any religious consideration or divide, as God is not separate from any individual.
Common errors today are to understand Guru Nanak as a mere reformer or intellectual thinker. People tend to think of him as someone who attempted to reconcile Hindu and Muslim differences, and consequently of Sikhism as a thoughtful and conscientious attempt to combine elements of Hinduism and Islam. However, a close study of even a few of his shloks quickly dispel this false notion. Guru Nanak Dev spoke from direct understanding as an Awoken personality and not as a scholar, utilizing the language of [Punjab] at the time as a person of Hindu background living in a highly Islamic state. He encouraged people to worship within their own traditions, but to keep the focus on God's names rather than egotistic considerations.For over twenty years beginning in about 1497, Guru Nanak traveled in all four directions on foot. He traveled as far east as Assam and Burma. To the South he went as far as Sri Lanka (Ceylon). To the north he ventured even to places outside India like Tibet, Chinaand RussiaHe also went towards the west into Arabia and Persia and further on. From the stories ive heard from nani and dadaji, Nanakdevji travelled as far as Mecca and Medina and also visited many islamic centres. ( not very shocking as one of his closest disciple Bhai Mastana was a follower of the Islamic Sufi Sect)As his end approached Guru Nanak would frequently test the devotion of his sons and nearest followers and in doing so demonstrate their state of mind to one another. There were numerous such occasions and one particular devotee, Baba Lehna, rose to eminence because he never faltered in his faith in Guru NanakGuru Nanak appointed Baba Lehna as the successor Guru, renaming him as Guru Angad Dev, meaning 'one's very own' or 'part of you'. This successorhood wasn't a mere gesture. Via a transformation, compared in Sikh tradition as the passing of a flame from one candle to another, the Guru-aspect of Guru Nanak descended upon Guru Angad. Guru Angad became Guru Nanak. In Guru Granth Sahib this is described as having even a physical manifestation whereby Angad in person suddenly appeared to look like Nanak.
(To Sikhs, although there were ten separate Gurus in physical form, there was actually only one single Guru whose metamorphosised light moved from one successor or vessel to the next, granting a kind of rebirth to those personalities on their initiation. Hence they all held the original name of 'Nanak'.)
Shortly after proclaiming Lehna as the next Guru, Nanak announced that the time of his death had arrived, and retreated to a tree whereby he sat in the lotus position,nd the praan (life-force) was guided upwards and outwards from his body . The date was said to be 22 September,539according to the western calendar.And, upon his death, his followers from Hinduism as well as Islam were having quarels about his cremation and his successoer decided to just cover his body with a chaddar and let them carry on with their fight. The next morning when a compromise was reached between Nanaks followers, Guru Arjan Dev lifted tjhe chaddar not to finf Nanaks Body but lotus flowers where his body was and there after the Hindus immeresed the flowers in the Ganges and the Muslims buried the flowers at one of their dargahs. Look forward to the post on the Golden Temple tomorrow and also my first experience there.

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