Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leaving Home

im leaving. leaving home. on the 22nd of july.
why you may ask. well ive reached a point where i can make my own decisions. the decision about future studies. im leaving for Sydney. Australia. a city i first visited when i was 16 and fell inlove with. Its my destiny thats taking me there. But why Sydney?i dont know. the only thing i know is that its pretty good for what i wanna study. Digital Media and 3D animation. i know u'll say why not us? as its the best i again dont know. i guess its just destiny again. I know deep down that somewhere i am going to miss home. Especially Dad. I guess every girl has a special connection with their fathers which just cant be expressed in words. I share an extremely deep bond with dad which all daughters do i guess. Leaving home is bringing me bittersweet memories. Altough am not a bangalorean but this place has become home in someways. Especially the Ashram: i just lovve going there its the most peaceful slice of heaven bang in the middle of a chaotic city. I'd miss my own bedroom, my friends : some of whom ive known all the 21.5 yrs ive lived on this planet , some of whom ive known only for a few months but share a deep bond with. some of whom ive known a few weeks.still in a way ill miss all of them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mind Matters

during one of the satsangs while i was doing my yes+ advanced course at the ashram, Guruji( His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar) was speaking about the most extraordinary thing- the human mind. Guruji was saying that one's own mind can be their best friend at times and the worst enemy at others.. we must learn to control our thoughts and accpet them as they are . Guruji also said that a meditative mind accepts situations and people as they are and brings in more focus into one's life. He said that being with the self and following what you think is right is the best way to focus on the goal ahead. Meditation and silence for a few minutes everyday can help bring the mind back to the present .. as the human mind plays the "wandering between past , present and future " game everyday. Meditation also helps soothe and calm the mind and th e body and helps one to accept present situation , etc as they are.After hearing this, i realised how practical and true to our lives the knowledge is and in all its simplicity. below is an extract from the book Mind Matters again authored by Guruji:
Mind and Meditation:
Focus sharpens the mind and relaxation expands the mind .An expanded mind without sharpnesscannot bring holistic development.At the same time ,a sharp mind without expansion causes tension,anger and frustration .
The balance of a focused mind and an expanded conciousness brings perfection.Expanded conciousness is peace and joy.Focused conciousness is love and creativity .Apoint of focused conciousness is individual self.When every atom of the expanded conciousness becomes sharp,focused,that is the awakening of Divinity.

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