Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paneer Bhurjhi

this is one of my favorite punjabi dishes. can be eaten at any time of the day. preferably with a piyaz dhaniya patha paratha..
heres whats needed to cook it:
paneer ( soak it in luke warm water for a few minutes it becomes nice and soft)
salt as per taste
oil or ghee depending on how much you use but donot use more than 2 tablespoons of any
finely chopped tomatoes
salt as per taste
jeera(cumin powder)
turmeric powder
dhaniya(coriander) powder
finely chopped green capsicum
finely chopped onions
finely chopped fresh coriander
to cook:
in a non stick pan, add the ghee or oil, the onions, tomatoes , capsicum and sautee until the onions turn slightly whitish, then add the soft grated/ mashed up paneer and the masala and cook for a few minutes and its ready to eat.. you could also eat it with bread..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick and Easy version of Pasta Primavera

ok i used to think that pasta primavera is some complicated exotic italian pasta meant to be ordered and eaten in some niche boutique kinda italian restraunt until i came accross this quick and easy recipe given by a friend.. but i have made my own alterations:
ok what you need :
veggies of your choice: you could use brocolli, asparagus, zucchini, carrots
a few pods of crushed garlic
finely chopped leeks (even half a leek would do)
sauteed onions(sautee the onions in butter until they turnslighty whitish)
herbs of your choice:i use oregano/basil or thyme depending on the flavours i want to give it.
fresh cream : well use a low fat cream if your calorie concious...
some readymade pasta seasoning: easlylife one is good , but if you have masterfoods its the best.
any pasta of your choice: i use penne or fusilior even spagetthi would do..
no to make the pasta:
in a non stick pan: add 2 spoons of olive oil, the crushed garlic pods, the vegetables and sautee for a few minutes,add the leeks and then add the cream and cook for 2-3 minutes on a medium flame. then add whatever boiled pasta you have to this sauce. add the herbs and the pasta seasoning... and its ready to serve.. you could go that extra step and add cheese as garnish-parmesan preferably if you like( it only makes it richer)....pasta primavera is ready..

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sab Maya Hai

pls note im reposting this from my old rediff iland blog over here.. had written this in 2006...

sab maya hai??
"Maya" simply means illusion. everything we do in our everday lives is an illusion. i am sure that the many of you reading this blog may be wondering why i am talking of such a mundane and inane concept of illusion. well, let me say that a wise learned man would say life itself is an illussion. we imagine things and when they actually come true ,we think its maya . afterall nothing is permanent right??life itself is the biggest maya...everything happening in life is also maya in this case maya does not refer to a software used in animation but ,i am looking at maya from yhe viewpoint of someone who is of a high spiritual quotient..spiritual quotient. the new one in the power quotient line of i.q and e.q. today ,they say that a whole individual is one with i.q,e.q and s.q. the sankat moc-han temple gets bombed,iisc,bangalore experiences a terror attack,someone as important a leader as mahajan passes on.. yet the average man goes on with his own routine life. why?? because he knows everything is an illusion..................... sab maya hai.


i know the picture ive chosen is more akin to mother nature rather than what i am reffering to.... here are just some abstract thoughts on human nature...
a soft smile,
a loud scream of frustration,
mood swings,
tears of joy
greater tears of sorrow.... excitement
some aspects of human nature..................



learn to be yourself
dont imitate others.set your own style statements ,dont bother what others think of it. always remember you are you and nobody can be you because you are unique. remember God made you with an objective in mind-to achieve a goal through a mission always remember-a smile costs nothing-its priceless
learn that while your on this planet, to respect it and preserve it its yours after all.
learn to listen rather than talk.
learn to do what you think is right, dont worry .
learn general etiquette.
learn not to shed tears over defeats but greater tears of joy over your victories
learn to walk as if the world belongs to you..
learn to live in the present for the future,
let bygones be bygones.
learn that academic education is only a slice of life, not the whole pizza..
learn to accept people for who they are-mental characteristicsnot what they have-materialistic possessions.
learn that learning occupies your whole life- from the cradle to the grave-its all a learning experience.
its an experience of life and time...

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