Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Look for the New Year/ Festive Season

mm ok so ive been working on my blog this holiday season. a new look : a new magical template downloaded from, a snowflake widget also from the same site and this is the first time im using a widget on my blog.... i know i still have a long way 2 go for colour and all otherwise comments and criticisms are welcome...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Indian Style Pasta

mmm ok i just made this dish randomly at an impromptue art of living volunteers part/ meet ( yup we aol wallas nyways party every minute) so mmm there were very few ingredients basic semolina pasta and a small pan available so as we are taught to make best use of what is available to us and be happy heres what i did: goodlifle milk( well thats what was the fancy milk that was in the fridge ), jeera , butter, cornflour, onions, capsicum, carrot and green onions and ginger were the only veggies available and of course salt n pepper.
ok so first boil the pasta with a little oil and then let cool , then in the pan sautee jeera and once its starts to pop n crinkle add the onions , green onions , carrots nd capsicum. then keep aside. Add butter and once its starts to melt add milkand let boil / cook for a few mins ... then sautee the boiled pasta with the jeera and veggie mix , add salt nd pepper and the milky sauce and a little cornflour to thicken and cook for about 3 minutes and voila indian style pasta is ready..

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dance in the Rain

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One Crazy Week

ok so i havent blogged for almost a month.... been too busy back home .won't say no more. This last week has been the craziest scariest week for an entire nation that is still reeling from the shock of the cycle of events in Mumbai . The whole world watched with shock and tears as terror took the nation's commercial capital by storm . My heart goes out to Moshe(the two year old Jewish orphan) and all those brave Indians who lost their lives. Terror has once again shaken a peaceful race and peaceful nation and its high time we as Indians should stand United in the war against terror , more so now. We must as a multicultural , mutiethnic religiously and racially diverse nation stand united at least for the sake of India we must forget our racial, caste, religious, linguistic differences for once-to fight terror. Mumbai is returning to normalcy and the spirit of Mumbaikars and all Indiandians living in Mumbai should be saluted.Terror is the face of misguided youth and corruption and creates fear in people. We must now stand united to fight this menace. The episode of 27/11 (India's 9/11) has not only brought Indians togther in grief but 4 whole nations US,UK,Isreal and INdia together on a world platform.
The entire cycle of events in Mumbai shows that the need of the day and age is the message of Love and Peace , Grace, Enligtenment,The value of Life . However, all is not lost there still is hope and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankarji( Guruji) one of the biggest messiahs of this message still giving the world and us Indians hope that all is not lost there can still be peace and love in this world. We should,nt get too shaken up by such events instead its time to Stand Up and Take Action against the menace of terrorism once and for all as a nation and as a race we must stand united and fight against terror and simultaneously spread the message of Peace.

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