Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A unique Gurubani Satsang in Bangalore......

So, it was the 19th of June, a friday evening and quite a pleasant one at that in bangalore city but i had other plans being from Punjab and a punju kudi at heart , i was craving for some kara parsad and gurubani as i couldnt make it to amritsar during these holidays. So , i headed to kanakpura road,H.H Sri Sri Ravishankarji's ashram for a Gurubani kirtan. It was beyond amazing..mesmerising. It all started with the traditionally served langar khana with maa ki kali dal, gobi, chawal , kara parsad. Then to the Vishalakshi Mandap the main meditation hall( which is in the pic) which was decorated with a floral Ek Onkar. It all started with a normal satsang sung by Richa Chopra and then a small talk on the Granth Sahib by teh Granthiji and Gyaniji of the Gurudwara in Bangalore aand they proceed to sing the ardas and shabads with explanations the posts which follow will complete the series.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Pain and Suffering

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