Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Simplest Easiest Potato Cutlet

well according to me it is..
all u need is boiled and peeled and grated potatoes, finely chopped garlic, ginger,basil,capsicum, salt and pepper to taste and raw bread crumbs as a binder if u wish . mix all the ingredients together, shape in2 an oval/circle well mine were squre basically any shape that appeals and lightlyshallow pan fry them in olive oil until a light golden brownish...... turned out yumm will post a pic whenever i have the time....and dont forget to top it up with some thai sweet chilli sauce or hot and sour sauce while serving or eating........ you could also add lightly sauteed onions to the potato mix and even peas or corn or both.... you could even indianise this one : no basil add peas and garam massala and some freshly finely chopped methi and onions and serve with imili chutney ...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Punjabi Food

ok so its so obvious that am a punjabi at heart and i love my punjabi khana never mind that sometimes there is a tad bit too much ghee and tail(oil) but yup thanks to the punjabi diaspora , the rozi punjajabi khana has become a major part of say the biritish cuisine culture or canadian cuisine or wherever there is a huge punjabi diaspora. well every one is familiar with most of the daily food of what we punjjus eat in our everyday lives: things like rajma chawal, mutter paneer, paneer makhani, dal makhani or as we call it maa ki dal,kofte, tikkas, naan, various style of pulavs the most popular being matarale chawal(peas pulav) and chole biryani( a biryani with chole in it)this chole biryani is well an authenically punjabi invention . i mean we love chole . we cant live with out this pulse called channa(maize).its probably one of the most healtier pulses around.oh and did i mention we love wheat and bajra too. infact punjab is known as the bread basket of india almost 70%of indian wheat comes punjab and india is 2nd largest producer of wheat in the world. Punjabi cuisine is as varied as say gujrati cuisine while the gujjus have such things as khakra and dhokla we have our papdi chat( well yes this one originated in punjab) and chole biryani . Sarson da saag and makki(corn) di roti and bajre di roti are also quite popular .Baigan ka bhartha and gobi bhartha are also unique punjabi dishes. "Kulche " and "pranthe"is the staple daily food diet basically. I mean we even make mushroom pranhas and rabdi wale pranthe thats how much we love pranthe : be it alu, mooli, gajar or saag or even a simple piyaz and dhaniya parantha.Kulche chole, kulche alu are also the simplest things one can eat and even the tastiest esp with rasse wale alu.Chole bhature , chole with plain rice , chole alu, chole paneer .chole with just about anything. didnt i just mention that chole is the staple for most of us? ok apart from chole and saag and dal we veggies also love pakore i mean saag and palak ke and piyaz ke pakore. We also love dairy produce especially buffalos mik( bhais ka doodh in slang punjabi), ghee( well without iit no prantha, roti or dal is complete),dahi(curd),paneer,butter. and every other possible dairy product .The average punjabi (living in punjab)has the highest consumption of dairy products in India.For those non veggies out there its tikkas and butter chicken and chicken achari well paneer achari is tasatier tough and those who love fish and seafood punjab being the land offive rivers aint dissappainting theres plenty of yummy ri ver fish and freahwater prawns and all for all of you . Lassi, gulab jamuns,gajar ka halwa, besan de laddu , patesha, rabdi, phirni,kheer ,badam and kaju burfi , dry fruit mix, sharbat esp badam and litchi wali are also an essential part of punjabi cuisine. give me an alu prantha with some good ol' aam da achar or chole bhature with imli chutney with a good glass of chilled meethi lassi followed by gajar ka halwa/rabdi/phirni anytime of the day id lap it all up in a matter of a few seconds..

Sydney.Summer . Sunscreen.

Sydneys getting hotter by day. its Summer now and theres almost a festive tinge in the air here as australians have their seasons and festivals upside down ....a summer chistmas and autumn easter (well almost autumn).OK so summer is the season associated with cool beaches, flowy skirts and tuinics and dresses and of course loads of ice tea but if ur a true to heart punjju kudi then its ice cold meethi lassi or nimbu paani(the aussie lemonade comes as close tough). Back home sunscreen is requiredv like uva uvb 15 spf is cool for asians and us Indians in general during summers back home.Sunscreen. Here in sydney you need loads of it . the ozone layer here has a huge hole in it thanks to the absurd phenomenon of global warming. the suns rays can damage the skin really badly and lead to irreversible skin cancer and freckles . Ok so i have gentical freckles on my face. i wouldnt want anymore . so heres what every indian student in sydney does during summers in sydney : use sunscreen . and use loads nd loads of it . the uva uvb+ozone safe and cfc free sunscreean of spf30/45 ++with a skin whitening lotion and after sun treatment.seriously man u practically end up using gallons and gallons of this damn thing called a "sunscreen lotion" and " after sun complex"for your face especially.I mean ive been here 3 .5 months and have usewd 6 bottles including skin whitening.its craziness....But then again out here you get sunscreen for even your hair .. for chirssake the human hair is the last thing that i would think expects spf protection seriously..but then i guess people here have to be extra careful thanks to a phenomenon called global warming.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I have 2 blogs now
thats my other blog . i will now be blogging on both this one and the above mentioned one ....ive still got a lot of work to do on the wordpress blog tough..

A Wednesday

Saw this one yesterday evening once i was absolutely fed up of working on maya 9 a 3d animation software)for my homework.
Its a movie. with great substance. great actors or in the case of such calibre id like to call them artists: naseerudin shah, anupam kher, jimmy shergill ,Aamir Bashir and deepal shaw in an itsy bitsy role.
What the movie is about: in three simple words: the common manor as we law abiding disciplined indians like to call ourselves:aam aadmi.yes you got it right the common man .in another four words: stand up, speak out.
yes , its about the common man, standing up and speaking out and cleaning up the system. i wont spoil anyones surprise about the story too much. watch it for its a movie with substance and if only to see the brilliant acting by anupam kher,shergill and shah.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bachna Ae Haseeno

The film follows the journey of Raj Sharma played by Ranbir Kapoor, from the age of 18 to 30. He meets three girls at different stages of his life: Mahi , played by Minissha Lamba - a small-town girl from Punjab, Radhika ,played by Bipasha Basu - a model from Mumbai and Gayatri . Deepika Padukone, an NRI taxidriver from Australia. The film is about a boy who goes from one love affair to another, only to run into true love.Hmm the plot sounds like a run off the mill hindi fillum except that its yash raj bollystyle , a good looking hereo, great heroines and awesome locales : right from the golden temple and gullies of amritsar and the opera house in sydeny to the beautiful mountains of switzerland.....
Watch it for timpepass and Ranbir Kapoor . Minnisha Lamba and Bipasha Basu look good and fit their characters, its good to see that Dipika Padukone hasnt repeated any of the crazy OSO histrionics this time round but has a lot to learn as an actress, she portrays the role of of an indian student in Sydney managing two jobs for her M.B.A and also acting like a punjaban kudi by saying she always keeps a made in jallundar hockey stick in the boot of her taxi.. she ultimately is ranbir kapoors true love...they make a cute pair.. the story has a few interesting twists and turns ... and is good for mere time pass and is it at your own risk..

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