Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yoga- Part 1

my intial fascination with yoga started when i was a little girl.i used to watch some of the older people twist their bodies into all sorts of knots and postures and keep wondering how it was all done. then one day my mum explained the basic stuff saying it was all yoga. Yoga is derived form the sanskrit word yug- meaning union of mind , body and soul. In Hindi it became yog and once it went overseas it became yoga. Indians of today find it extremely different to first accept their own ancient wisdom before the west has accepted and proven it. Mind you yoga is a 3000 year old science of the body . With increased popularity of yoga in the western world- one of the basic factors being - it relieves stress and keeps the body fit and thats why its a great combination of exercise and relaxation.
All yogs is derived from Patanjali, the father of modern yoga. The Patanjali yogasutras form the base of almost all modern yogic and meditative practices. It is infact Sage Patanjali who is regarded as the father of modern Yoga. Yoga has many different forms and the yogic practices can differ from individual to individual , and different thoughts of schools can have their own variations. However, yoga ultimately has the same goal- individual wellbeing.Yes, well it could be quite amazing that 3000 years ago someone came up with a series in which one can exercise individual dody parts to cure numerous ailments. Well , i must say that for his time then Sage Patanjali was no less a genius as Bill Gates is regarded today- by the way even Gates has a personal yoga instructor. Yoga infact has many layers and forms ( which will be discussed in the next post) and the subtle differences is what makes each form unique.
Today, yoga is no longer considered a hippie, cultic spirtual practice but is available at the hippest of fitness clubs accross the globe. Infact so much has the craze caught on with young urban working and non working professionals that sportswear brands have targetd the markets.
Yoga is at the core a whole body workout from head to toe and affects every organ of the body in a positive way if the postures are practiced correctly.
Infact every person who practices yoga has their own individual workout to suit their body type and health requirements- so much is the customisation that is possible with this lovely form of exercise.
Yoga not only physically keeps one fit but also mentally- improves concentration, keeps one calm and focused and numerous other findings which have been proven by modern medical research.I would definitely recommend yoga toeach and every single person who is looking for a form of fitness today.
(to be continued )

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