Monday, October 29, 2007

Of Festivities and Indias Multicultural Identity

It is a genral opinion that India is a truly diverse and multiethnic society -people from different creeds , race and religion have formed the multicultural fabric of this truly diverse country -its strength lies in its diversity. India is known as the land of festivals and festivities across the globe-and why not. Practically all major festivals are celebrated here with equal pomp and entusiasm. Its a long list since its such a diverse country-we almost celebrate a festival a day kind of scene.
Navratri and Dusshera just got over and is an important festival in Gujrat especially and yes i did enjoy thegarba a great deal altough am more at home with my bhangra beats.
Diwali is probably the most important festival for a majority of the Indians but is still celebrated by everybody with enthusiasm .
Holi especially in north indian state of punjab is celebrated with such joy and is where both Hindus and Sikhs play and do the puja together -an excellent example of the strength of indias multicultural harmony..the year 2007 saw Krishna Janmashtami and Kheer Bhawani (two major Hindu festivals)being celebrated in Kashmir..
Christmas is also celebrated by people of all faiths in their own unique way.
Id is also one of the major festivals and yes i quite do enjoy the yummy biryani and sheeri korma.
Each region in India has its own unique traditions-bihu -the harvest feastival of Assam is celebrated quite differently from Lohri-the harvest festival of Punjab which is again differs from the traditions of the harvest festivals of those of South India.
Couple of weeks ago i saw a picture of the golden temple , the shrad had just got over-the picture depicted a girl praying in front of the temple-the caption read-a Hindu girl pays obeisance to her sikh ancestors-this happens only in india which is truly multicultural,multiethnic and the worlds most secular and democratic country-a country where everyday is a celebration ,a festival , of life, of joy ,of ones very existence.....everyday is a celebration and a festival nevermind the problems of the country .. indias multiculturalism is truly her strength..

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This pic is dedicated to all my crazy college friends and also to all the memories of all the crazy things weve done in college....

ill always cherish these memories forever..

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Wish

I Wish ......
i was 16 forever
more like the girl next door
i had long straight hair instead of frizzy wavy curls
i had a figure that reads 24-36-24
i had the brains of einstein
the artistic ability of da vinci
the voice of lata mangeshkar
the ability to come up with smart answers like my bro
i wish i couls eat all the chocolates in this world..
i could live life in a fairytale dream..
but alas... wishes remain wishes and some dreams are just impossible to well to achieve.. .i wish all dreams were achievable ..... but im happy being me..

Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Day in the life of a college student..

Tring Tringgg...... tringgggg .. the time is 6:oo am .. peeps my alarm clock... but oversleep.. slept at 2 last night...... not realising that monday is college..
get out of bed in a jiffy .. its finally 7:30... have a quick bath.... eat breakfast in the car....
walk into the college gates.... time is 8:30.. gosh am running late .. ill miss attendance..but always tend to mke it on time.... am still half asleep .... so i sit at the backbenches , and pretend to be sick and sleep for an hour.. during the political science lecture..... next is economics probably the only subject i like..... but still suffering from monday morning blues..... we have college till 2:15...
cant concentrate my mind is on other things as usual.... my "dimaag ki batti" is completeley off.....
its 11:15 short break.... roam around campus.. meeting up with some friends going down the road to just bake for an egg puff.... its amazing... there ..... rush back to class ateend another boring lecture.. its 12:30.. time for lunch... run to the canteen ask chechi for sambhar rice.. no sambhar rice she says....i forgot to get lunch from home in a my only choice is sweet chariot on cunningham road... the auto man asks for rs 30.. gosh i have only 100 bucks on me.. am literally broke.. so i borrow a friends bike ... finally getting some food the time is 1:15......i gobble up my chicken a la kiev .. and rush back to college..... grab an ice tea.....from nestle and run to class... attend the economics lecture.. where i sleep again.....finally its 2:15.. times up my friend tells the lecturer.... we leave college together.. and off we are to forum mall.......another week ahead ....

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