Monday, November 9, 2009

Just For everyone

okie off late i have not much to blog about . so here is a post  to thank everyone who has palyed a major part in my life.....
all at random tough
Mum : just the fact of ur existence i know that unconditional love and support exists for me in this world even tough it takes me a coupla days to clean my room and the such.
Dad:i love the advice you give on any and every issue . and the way u still let me mess up ur hair once u get back from work
Pranav- my baby bro. the fact that u make me realise that like isnt as perfect and idealistic as projected outside.
Dinesh Bhaiya- i really aspire to be an ocean of calmness that you are. and the the way you inspire me to carry on when a tsunami has struck me a stough nothing great has happened.
Bawa- there is no logical genetical explanation for the phenomenon i call Bau . the practical wisdom,witty humour and of course  indias finest vegan chef.
Master- thank you for always being there and being a guiding force in my life.
Ranjit anna- one of the most awesome people ever. can ask any question from music to astrology he will always have some answers.
Badeppa(paternal grandpa)-i remeber going for long endless trips to nirulas in delhi to eat at the salad bar and eat numerious scoops of hot chocolate fudge.thank you for tolerating my madness
Maternal Grandparents- the number of times i have lost my temper over stupid issues from less salt in tamatr ki kadhi to not having my clothes ironed properly-thank you for the madness again
Abhishek, Madhuri, Spandan, Sampath , Amrita, Anju, Bhairavi, Arvind,Gaurav, Vishal, Mrigank, Ritika, Shalini,MS. Anjana Mani- the fact that all of you are always just there 24/7 whenever we need you
Sheeena and Sunil- 23 years of my life and you've known me for all 23 . thank you for always being my friends and seeing me thru thick and thin all the time .
Chris,Korin, Meggan Brummer, Gayatri and atul, preet,clare,kavitha-thank you for making me feel like one of'em in aussie .
Varnit,leisha,arun,vandana,rohan,sehar, nilufer,priyanka ,neha- for seeing me thru those maddening teenage years - we were going thru the same nonsense together.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Here is a basic recipe:2 bunches of fresh parsley (1 1/2 cup chopped, with stems discarded)2 tablespoons of fresh mint, chopped,1 medium onion, finely chopped,6 medium tomatoes, diced1 tablespoon salt1/2 teaspoon black pepper1/2 cup bulghur or daliya  , medium grade6 tablespoons lemon juice6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.its an easy to make middle eastern salad or a med salad but quik to make and those are the ingredients required.
first soak the dliya in luke warm water for approx 10 mins then drain out , soak in fridge cold watre for another 5-7 mins ,drain put the daliya in a muslin cloth and squeeze out the water. next coarsely chop the mint and parsely,chop the tomatoes and the onions.
now in a plate separate the grains of daliya and  put in 2  a  serving bowl, add parsely, onions, mint tomatoes, sprinkle the olive oil(i use cold pressed extra virgin or it tastes good even with canola oil),lime juice, salt and pepper  and toss well.
Refrigerate for about 2 hours before serving . Tasted quite good. I made it on a sunny afternoon when i wasnt in the mood 2 cook make the serving bowl look nice one can use lettuce leaves to line the bowl and then add the salad in.Tastes good with pitta bread(ill putup that recipe soon just ahve 2 get pics) or whole wheat bread which is slightly toasted and sorry i  havent been able 2 upload the pics will do it once i can access my own system which has crashed.

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