Monday, September 29, 2008

Potatoes with Herbs..

this is one dish which is just an anytime tossup that is if u have boiled potatoes or baby potatoes lying in your fridge...
heres what you need:
butter, salt and pepper, mint,chives and parsely(you could use any other herbs of your choice and even sbstitute with onions ),and of course potatoes which are boiled and peeled (in the case of baby potatoes and in case you are using normal potatoes , chop them roughly..
heres the next step:
melt the butter in a pn, ad dthe herbs and salt and pepper and sautee for 2 mins then add the potatoes nd cook for a few mins .. and voila a quick snack/side dish is could also make this as salad :to do this just chill in the fridge and then serve or serve hot...will post a picture up soon as am still trying to figure out how to embed pictures..

Potatoes with Herbs..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Favourite Top 10 Hindi Movies

This ones gonna be a very long post.... top ten why because there are just about 10 movies i can watch over and over again..
1. Dil Wale Dulhania Leyjayenge :why:because it reminds me of my punjabi roots and not only that it also teaches to be rooted in indian values"some of the best in the world"wherever an indian goes.. it drives home the message that "you can take an indian out of india but you can never take india out of an indian"
2.Swades : another powerful perfomance by Shahrukh Khan a.k.a Mohan Bhargava, who gives up the big american drem to develop his village in India.. a truly inspirational story which has influenced the lives of many NRI'S....and Indian youth
3.Rang De Basanti: again a story delivering a powerful message to everyone:stand up for your rights no matter what happens.
4.Dil Chata Hai: Teaches about friendship, relationships,following your heart,living dreams,speaking ones own mind
5.Kal Ho Na Ho:I just like the title song apart from the story , drives home the message that life is ever changing, live evervday to the fullest you may or may not be around forever.. and smile...
also about deep friendships and being there for others..
6Hum Aapke Hain Kaun: a bygone era of Bollywood... and for Madhuri Dixit and the songs..
7. Rock On.. read my previous podt and you'll know why
8.Chak De India: that each an every individual has the potential to be , to get what they want in in life..and women have it too..
9.Veer Zaara:An enduring story of love ,friendship and two nations...
10.Parineeta and Devdas: i really donno why but can watch em a hundred times..

Monday, September 15, 2008

ROCK ON.......

i just saw this movie last evening .... the music rocks... the story rocks.... arjun rampal and farhan akhtar rocked the movie..... rock on is not just about a rock band, of cool music and cool hairstyles of rampal and akhtar.. its a movie with substance... with a story.. a bit offbeat from the regular bolly masala movies ..... arjun rampal does some great acting in the character of joe....and farhan akhtar, the director of substance movies like dil chata hai has substance as an actor.. he really brings his character aditya to life.....rock on is about: life .. ,dreams, living ones dreams , accepting success and failure, stories of friendship, betrayal ,the transition and transformation of people from a wild youth to a sober adult life , about cool music, secrets and with a deep lesson for the youth of today... the greatest lesson i learnt from watching rock on:live your dreams as a youth cos thats when you have no responsibility...... life life the way you want to because you dont know really what the future holds for life the way you want to. meanwhile, the lyrics also strike a chord.... socha hai .... and pichle saat dino main happen to be my favorite......

Rock On .. the tagline of the movie is .. live your dream....

its a must watch ...

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