Friday, March 19, 2010

Sundried Tomato with Fresh Fennel

Hmm so i had some sundried tomatoes lying in the fridge and didnt know what to do with them until i found some fresh fennel , that too organic in the neighbourhood spencers. This recipe comes out more like a preserve and tastes good with lightly toasted bread or as part of a will be uploaded soon. I am particularly fond of tomato not just because red veggies add lovely colour to a dish but the fact that tomatoes are loaded with lycopene,are great to use in face masks for oily skin- i am not kidding here, the ancient indians and egyptians used fresh tomato pulp with fullers earth to remove skin impurities and i've tried this myself and it leaves the skin glowingLycopene has also been shown to improve the skin's ability to protect against harmful UV rays. Not only that , tomatoes are loaded with antioxidants that work towards prevention of certain cancers thanks to the lycopene.
Fennel - for centuries in ancient india, fennel , aniseed have been used as natural acidity regulators after a hevy meal- ever wondered why after a heavy meal of indian food fennel is served as the after mint? well it increases the metabolilism and works like gripe water. Fennel tea is amazing for indigestion and gastric troubles.
Olive Oil- hmm what to say about this lovely perhaps one of the most nutritious cooking and dressing oilsThere is a large body of clinical data to show that consumption of olive oil can provide heart health benefits such as favourable effects on cholesterol regulation and LDL cholesterol oxidation needi say more?
the recipe:
250 gms of sundried tomatoes
2teaspoons of aniseed whole
fresh fennel bulb and leaves
salt and pepper -about a teaspoon
sugar /palm sugar - 1 teaspoon
in a bowl, add the tomatoes , salt,sugar,and pepper and fennel or aniseed seeds( saunf). then chp the fennel bulb stems coarselt and wash along with the fine leaves . add all this to the tomatoes. pour some olive oil to cover the mixture a little and mix well..let soak overnight or for a few days so that the tomatoes absorb the flavour. Donot put it in the fridge unlessit is very hot climate the oil congeals and has to be left outside to return to its natural form...

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