Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One of my favourite Abba songs

this is one of my fav abba songs it tittled i believe in angels and i can really relate to the lyrics....

just listen to the lyrics........amazing...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Short Update about my life

hmm so ive been slacking on the blogging front for quite a while now. I must apologise to all readers of this blog . I have been on a travelling spree espcially to delhi - nanaji thank you for being in hospital and scaring the wits of us and for the random trips. 3 - 7th june a random trip without even packing clothes. Can one really imagine that. Then back to bangalore and off to the International Centre of The Art Of Living Foundation for a course called " YES+ Summer Magic "
a personality enhancing and stress relief advanced program with over 2500 youth. Well this was my 3rd advanced program and the first ever summer magic. What an experience it was. A lush green beautifully landscaped place on the outskirts of such a hectic city . This place never ceases to amaze me everytime i go there- so much buzz and activity yet so peaceful.
I have never done Surya Namashkar so slowly in my life and i really thank my teacher Dinesh Bhaiya for showing me the essence of weight loss just by performing slow meditative surya namashkar. thank you . Well the other meditations and silence was deep and i gained a lot more clarity about my life once i was out of silence. It was a fun 11 day soulful journey into the self.And yes His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar did take a few sessions of meditation and pranayam for our group. I still feel so blessed and blissed altough my heart is still there at the ashram i wish i could stay for longer.
Yes we did get souvenirs in the form of tshirts , bags and bookmarks this time as a memeory yes the bacgs are eco friendly cloth bags and made in hindustan as the tag says. And thank you Bawa for ur witty answers and all to the most complex questions. Oh and i forgot to mention that there was an awesome play staged for us called Anand and Benaifer...more in the next post with pics..

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