Thursday, September 23, 2010

One someone who changed my life :)

Writing after so long well just makes me want to write. And what do i write about?
one someone who has completely changed my life.
Since all you readers are wondering who is one someone is , i shall disclose his name a little later in the post.
I was really astonished to see someone so multidimensional in todays stress filled world who lives such a carefree and stressfree life at his age.
A masters in statstitics from IIT yes IIT,
a good dose of anger , albeit short lived and for very good reason - anger out love is not anger he says it is a suggestion to improve your life.
The best vegan cook i know- i mean come on i thought there were no substitues for gelatin until he told me about agar agar.
The one who has introduced me to many organic foods in the last 5 years that i think i have known him.
A teacher and an inspiration to millions of youth across the globe and he still remembers my name , my wild ways - yes i do have some- like drinking cold coffee and sleeping at 4 am sometimes
oh the way he has changed my life - i mean if one could could just listen to this gifted soul even once in their entire lifetime all their problems and dilemma's about life would be solved in a jiffy.
He not only cooks , but plays the piano with mozart like precision.And, despite being a Parsi, knows far more about the ancient Vedic wisdom and meditation i can imagine. I owe all my yummy yummy veggie dhansak making skills to him and his mother .
The one who has taught me that life is what you make it out out to be.
He is one of the wittiest kids and the most mature adult( well i attritube this aspecat of his larger than life personality to being a disciple of one of the Gretest Englintened Beings alive on plant earth- H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar).
The one who still remembers how i love travelling and studying and how rebellious i was at one stage. Infact he went to the extent of calling my change in personality the "Taming of the Shrew".
He has always been oh so inquisitive about all my vfx and 3d works and how animated movies are made.
A big smile, long wavy silvery hair, a long nose, the reddest of palms i have ever seen and the grace of an ethereal presence in him.
I call him bau or bawa ...aka by others as MR. Khurshed Batliwala .
to know more about one of the most inspiring souls i have met this life time do visit
Wishing bawa a very happy birthday and hoe he continues to be his merry witty self in the years to come...

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Short Update

August and september have been quite busy months and therefore i havent got a minute to pen down my thoughts until today. I started studying again yes i did indeed and business management is quite interesting. My nani and nanji were down from delhi for almost 4 weeks and what fun it was. I had my wisdom teeth removed that was painful. Learnt and finaly mastered how to bake oat cookies. Been on a weight loss diet - well more exercise than anything else actually.... some short recipes coming up soon...

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